Monday, March 31, 2014

Klaude Wesley Armstrong

When is a picture more impressive that it seems?  

We caught Klaude in a feral cat trap.  While he did let me touch him, he had a slew of behavior issues.  He would only let us touch him on his head for about 3 seconds.  He would swipe and hiss as soon as we turned away from him, he his constantly, and would not sit near us.

 That was 6 months ago.

Each day I would brush him for 2 minutes going closer to his nether region and closer to his belly.

After 30 days he let me touch his belly

60 days he let me hold him

90 days he would come sit next to me and let me wipe his butt with wipes.

120 days he let me wipe his eyes and face

Now he lets me brush him, pick him up, wipe him bum, and sits next to me every chance he gets.  He even cuddles with his son who we rescued before him:

He explores and sleeps wherever he wants!  "Dad, find your own chair, I claim this one"

He sleeps with me every night.  "Whoa, who knew mattresses were so comfortable!"

He PLAYS now. He jumps and EXPLORES now.  He wakes me up with kisses on the nose and taps his paw on my nose to get me to pet him.

Yesterday he let me clip his claws and didn't try to go for the face.

Today he let me kiss his cheek without starting or being scared.

THAT is why the picture is so important.  He went from being afraid, sick, cold and alone to being a normal loving happy CAT.

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