Sunday, November 06, 2011

Isn't it great to have a productive weekend?

So this weekend I managed to make homemade pizza that was AWESOME.  Made buttermilk pancakes.  Vacuum the entire house, vacuum the dog, water all the plants (and maybe save my air plant, fingers crossed!) strip the hair from my legs my legs with my Emjoi Emagine (best 70 bucks I ever spent) hair removal machine (ie the loud hand held buzz saw that rips the hair from your legs) give myself a full MyChelle Facial (with the fruit enzyme scrub and fruit fiesta peel.)

I also applied for a few jobs, but honestly?  I REALLY don't want to follow up on one of the jobs because once I was away from there I promised myself I was not going back, the anxiety of even THINKING about going back is making me ill.

I think I can do better.

I am going to be starting phlebotomy school hopefully soon.  I think classes start soon so I need to find out when tuition is due, whether I can get help from my Nana, and talk to Crash about the car situation.  I was hoping to be working by now, maybe I will be able to get a work study job if I am taking courses?

Honestly I am going to really hope for some sign that its a good idea.

I hope everyone is well!  tomorrow I am making challah bread in hopes of having french toast this week!