Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Where Crafts are born...

Why the HELL did I NOT know about this place?!

I mean I love crafts just as much as the next DIYer,Sweatpants with Studs wearing,Leg warmers in summer, purses cost more than food craftster!

I am looking around this site and I can say it took me literally four seconds to decide to register and excitedly wait at my g-mail account saying "come on! COME ON!"

So go...make your internet pilgrimage! Find the perfect cat cozey or Lamp made out of a Diaper Genie! Come to think of it...NO that idea is MINE!

Rogue aka KeenKitty the craftster

Sic Magnets for the Veg Fridge

I feel as though I need these. Perhaps only to pre-exterminate the question "Why isn't there any meat in here?" These magnets are not oly little kid cute, but they grab this cartoon watching loonies attention!

I give mad props to the SicasSin collective for making these 70's style cartoon magnets. I am now dutifully saving up my spare change for ne of their adorable Elephant T-shirts and Black Kitty Underwear.

For more info and to see a picture of the Magnets professing their herbivore love, go to:

Git yer Veg ahn!


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Big Big Love

I am unsure of when my love for animals began. I hold a special place in my heart for elephants and cats.

Honestly though I cannot think of an animal that I don't respect. Animals, just like people have personalities and habits that in my experience those deemed "with souls" possess.

It breaks my heart that there are so many people in the world who can view animals the same way they would view a spoon, or a car, or a coat.

What amount of fear makes a fur coat, is the wearer absolutely informed on how these animals are treated? If so how would one gleefully wear fur knowing that a living breathing creature suffered needlessly for fashion.

Would you skin your cat for fashion? What is it was all the rage. It may seem obsurd but think about it. Animals would not willingly kill for popularity, why would you?

I heard a woman once say "I am all for animals being treated compassionately but I enjoy meat." I asked her if she had ever slaughtered a hog, no. Had she ever killed a cow? no. How about had a male calf locked in a dark room, only to slit its throat and eat it? absolutely not! Did she know where veal came from?

"Its a type of cow right?"


"Um...A bull?"

Yes. a toddler bull calf.

She thought about it and said "Well...I'll try not to eat red meat."

For most ethical means doing what our societies have done forever. We believe it is ethically ok to eat animal flesh because we've done it for years.

However if you ask if it is ethical to smoke in front of children or take speed they would look at you like you were a psychopath.

My point? We have changed and our views on sentience have to change. We have to become aware our surroundings. Truly aware.

It is Buddha who first spoke of his realization that animals suffer for our personal pleasure, and that in order to become "enlightened" we had to work diligently to be compassionate to all living things.

How are we today supposed to teach our children that it is wrong to hurt people, or kill people when we ROUTINLY kill and hurt animals.

No animals are not people, nor are macaw's a breed of horse.

Yet sentience has evolved and those who are aware realize animals are closer relation to us than we first suspected.

We have become educated, now we must evolve. Truly it is not meerly popular to become a vegan, but nessecary for our future survival as species anima in total.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Vocabulary for Animal Rights?

As a vegan and animal rights activist. I have a lot of people sending me things from WONDERFUL groups like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Syracuse Animal Rights Organization, Community Animal Project,Mercy for Animals, Humane Society of the United States...the list goes on and on.

It made me ponder the vocabulary we use to attempt to educate others on the importance of treating all living anima with the treatment we would wish for ourselves in the same situation.

Ethical: Of relating to dealing with ethics, being in accordance with the accepted principles of rights and wrong that govern a profession.

Could this not be construed as simply "Doing things in the tradition as they have historically been done?" Would this in the case of animal abuse move one to change the way they view and therfore interact with animals?

Is it not our purpose to educate people on a healthier way of eating and living that has a positive impact on both animals, the environment and other worldly populations?

Which brings me to my preffered terms:

Mercy: Compassionate treatment especially to those under your care, alleviation of stress and relief of pain and/or trauma.

and finally,

Compassion: Deep awareness of the suffering of another with a wish to end it.

This final word...Compassion, envelops everything I believe about animal rights. Be they human, elephant, dog or cat they are all animals and every animal deserves compassion, especially those entrusted to the care of others, like us.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Buck the Rodeo... is this for proving your manhood. This guy can beat up a BABY ANIMAL.

Elephant Polo, Donkey Basketball, Greyhound racing, Cock fighting, PitBull Fighting, Bull Fighting whats next? Kitten Wrangling with burlap sacks and rocks?

Can't you just let Mike Tyson make an ass out of himself without coercing animals into doing it?

Urge Starbucks to Buck the Rodeo!

Starbucks Corporation has faced intense public scrutiny recently for sponsoring various rodeos and rodeo organizations, including Cheyenne Frontier Days in Wyoming, the Miss Rodeo Washington Association, the PRCA Belton Rodeo, and the Calgary Stampede. In some instances, Starbucks donated money; in others, it donated beverages. Regardless of the nature of the donation, the company that’s been heralded for its progressive policies and hot coffee is suddenly alienating consumers through its affiliation with cruelty to animals.

Rodeos are a cruel form of “entertainment.” Every national animal protection organization opposes rodeos because of the events’ inherent cruelty. Rodeo promoters say that the animals are wild and rough, but without the use of spurs, tail-twisting, and bucking straps cinched around their abdomens, these frightened and usually docile animals wouldn’t even buck. They are often terrorized when participants shock them with electric prods, twist their necks, yank them by their tails or legs, slam them to the ground, or otherwise batter them. Following a life of confinement, abuse, pain, and fear, the final destination for most of these animals is the slaughterhouse.

The Calgary Stampede, a 10-day annual rodeo and exhibition that boasts hideous events such as chuckwagon races, bears responsibility for the deaths of at least nine horses in July 2005 alone. Animals have fallen, drowned, jumped to their deaths, and sustained injuries severe enough to require euthanasia.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Behold the power of poop

This story just makes me think there is a use for everything. And that makes me happy and hopeful.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Government Sucks.

I am so stressed out right now. I don't enjoy needing help from the government, but I try to be respectful, courteous, and prompt.

Yet besides my best efforts they were missing my form for recertification.

This is fukkin wonderful.

So now Chris has to come to my work, help me fill out forms and make copies, and then we have to leave early to drop this stuff off tommorrow A.M. so that we can get our damn food stamps.


I hate my memory problems!


Thursday, March 02, 2006

Why Boycott the Circus?

Please join me in boycotting the Shrine Circus

Circus Location: New York State Fairgrounds Syracuse, New York

Show Dates

April 01, 2005

7:00 PM

April 02, 2005

10:00 AM
2:30 PM
7:00 PM

April 03, 2005

1:00 PM
5:00 PM

I hope to form protest/rally in order to re-educate the public by handing out pamphlets educating about the inhumane practices of the Shrine Circus and the accidents and deaths it has caused.

“The Shrine Circus escapes the scrutiny of governing bodies such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and local animal control agencies by not owning the animals used in its shows or possessing an exhibiter license. The animals are leased from outside companies…”

“Exhibiters of Shrine Circus leased animals have failed to meet minimal federal standards for care of animals used in exhibition as established in the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). The USDA has cited Shrine Circus exhibiters for failure to provide veterinary care, adequate shelter from the elements, nutritious food, and clean water, as well as failure to handle animals in a manner that prevents trauma and harm and ensures public safety.”

PETA Fact Sheet Shrine Circus.

“Elephants don’t perform because they WANT TO. They perform because they are afraid NOT TO. “

PETA-“Cruelty is not entertainment” pamphlet

There are far more entertaining ways to entertain and also educate your children about animals. Several Circuses that don’t use animals are: Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Eloize, and The New Pickle Family Circus.

There are places in NYS that Rescue, rehabilitate, and place animals in loving homes and accept tours! These places not only help animals to be happy and healthy but your patronage helps them to rescue more animals.

Volunteering at such animal rescue places such as:Farm Animal Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, Little Shelter, Huntington, Pets Alive No-kill Shelter Middletown, Animal Haven Flushing, Catskill Animal Sanctuary Saugerties, Lollypop Farm Fairport, For Our Friends Bayside, NYS Humane Societies, NYS SpcA, and State and National Wildlife Preserves and Rescue centers.

They are not only great places to show children happy animals, but are great places to learn about animals. You may even find an animal to become part of your loving family.

Teach our children that is isn’t right to hurt animals for our entertainment, PLEASE BOYCOTT THE SHRINE CIRCUS.

To help Pickett, Educate or Rally Support or for more information please e-mail: or go to