Monday, March 31, 2008

Supermanning the Rottweiler

So I am driving to a lecture when I see a lady I know with her notoriously not friendly to other dogs dog Annie and a lose Rottweiler.

I stop by the road and she sees me and does the frantic arms waiving help me, up, I'm swimming in a heap of trouble motions with her arms.

I sigh, get out of the car and call the dog who comes bouding over to me, then the owner come up and says "BAD DOG! GET OVER HERE" To which the dog immediately ran AWAY from her and into on comming traffic.

I saw a huge truck comming and the woman continuing to walk toward the dog yelling oblivious to the oncoming truck so I pushed her our of the way, ran and pushed the dog out of the way and onto the grass and grabbed its leash.

The owner came over and was crying and thanking me and kissing the dog and alternatley yelling at it. I exploded and and said "You do NOT deserve a dog!" She sat speechless. "You NEVER, EVER, yell at a dog when it is in imminent danger and then exspect it to come and behave itself!" I noticed then my knee was bloddy and turning purple.

Abbey and her owner came over and asked if I wanted to call Dog Control. The woman looked at me horror struck. "No" I said. "Here is what you are going to do." I got up and handed her the leash. "You and your dog are going to come to obedience class at my house once a week for 6 weeks. You are going to practice obedience 10 minutes a day everyday. AND you are going to get a new leash and a gentle leader."

The lady sputtered. "I can't pay for obedience lesseons!"

"I DIDN'T MENTION PAYING!" I said loudly whipping out an business card. meanwhile Abbey is sniffing the blood coming through my pant leg and the other dog is licking my hand and wagging her tail.

We have an audience of some locals, one a friend of mine keeps threatening to clap and I keep warning him with looks that I have one tackle left in me with his name on me.

As I walk toward my car to go excuse myself from the lecture and go put a ice pack on my knee I hear Abbeys mom saying to the crowd "She is like our own personal Dog Whisperer!"

Christ.....Just what I need. Another nickname.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Manual Dexterity

So today I was late for work. I could not have picked a better day to ba late for work. TRULY.

I cannot stand the people that I work with. They are stuck up, loud, mean, and obnoxious.

To be fair I am kind of feeling bummed out today. I saw a lady that I thought might be offering me a job and she wouldn't make eye contact with me. That is never a good sign. So I am pretty sure that means that I didn't get the job. Which is ironic because that means that my friend who sits online all day chatting and procrastinating and passing her work off to other people IS possibly getting a job.

So...As long as I show up and make other people look bad (even if they are good people) then I deserve a job even if I am a total talentless slacker? How is that fair again?

OH YEAH. Because life is not fair.

My sister just called and told me that because I took her to that trade show she got offered two jobs. I got offered no jobs.

In fact I got yelled at for going because it was not in my job description even though the director TOLD me to go. I got in trouble because my sister stopped to talk to everyone and eat a pretzel. Which would have been fine except we also had to go let her try to go win a marine t-shirt.

Crash is really sick right now. I want to go home because he is sick and also because I am pretty bummed. I really hate working on this manual. I hate being working poor, working with people who hate me, and for poverty level.

Off to fire off some more resumes. No rest for the wicked.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So, I bake

I went hella crazy industrious and cleaned my house. I cleaned my craft room, my living room, my kitchen, make dinner for my friend and baked a freakin cobbler!

Check this shite!


Look at that Gooey Yum!


Aren't you hungry now? I had it for breakfast it was so good.

I'd post the recipe but I forgot it at home true topmax brain style.

I also had to eat some "real food" according to Crash. So I whipped up some of these noodles based solely on the fact that they were pink.

Not so good to eat...

I think maybe I should have gotten the purple flavored ones... I don't know if they HAD purple flavored ones but I may have preferred them.

Tonight for dinner I am going to have somosas and flat bread probably. Jeci wants to go to fight practice but I am tired and sore so unless she pays someone, "NOT HAPPENING!"

I think as soon as 3:30 rolls around I am planning to bail out of here like a bad habit. I am such a bad employee I am really tempting karma I think. Well. Except for the whole fact that they pay us 2 bucks an hour and our insurance is crap and we don't get a lunch break. So. NEVERMIND!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

My version of Knitty's Swell: My SWAY

Sway: made from Alpaca and Silk from Paca del Seda

Using a highly bastardized version of Knitty's Swell pattern added longer earflaps, a rolled brim and a snug rear.

Because I just can't stand not to bastardize. Note, Because photobucket have to click da pictures to see dem. I sorry, I suck too.

Sway version of kntty's Swell with Paca de Seda Alpaca and silk

My sway version of kntty's swell

rolled brim

Added a snug rear..heh


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A freak for the random...

I just got my daily dose of random and realized that no matter what I am INDEED a freak.

1. I am now addicted to Rachel Kessler from Seattle's The Stranger who makes meat even sound appetizing to a vegan. I now hang my vegan head in shame.

2. I just watched an HOUR of Celebrity Scissorhands and re-acquainted my love affair with Warwick Davis, AND heard this little guy "Lil'Chris"

I am embarrassed to say I watched it twice and was tapping my foot. TAPPING!

It was as bad as when I was tapping along with Calisha and Fabrishia of Drunky Brewster

I am actually still am pretty keen on going to see them live some time when I drag my sorry crippled ass down to NYC my personal fave:

So I am old, and I like loser things. But hey, I'm a freakin cripple! Deal!

I am off to seat my freshly showered butt down to finish up a hat that has taken TOO FREAKIN LONG. I vow it will be DONE tomorrow and posted. POSTED.

Plugz!, Origami, and Pics Oh My!

Bill from FROZENFIRE.ETSY.COM (Paste it is yer browser STITCHES!!!) and I did a swap and I got my EIGHT pairs of plugz today!

My eyes nearly fell out of my head.

Here are pictures of my new lovelies:


and MORE:

This guy is AMAZING!!!

And see how they make you look all bad azz?

KJ Rockin Orange front plugs


So go out and buy yourself a present, really, don't you deserve something pretty and shiney?
I think you do.

I also made some origami because I am freezinf at work and yes I am trying to make 100 of these little bass-turds. Its freezing in this basement and I am bored to tears with the manual and am apprently the only one who showed for work today... so...

Origami Box with stars

Yeah... This art manual is driving me to origami madness.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Within two days of having my resume they scheduled an interview. That seems good! PLUS its part time but I would make the same money!

I think I died...

Here is my interview clothes. And a gratuitous spackle picture. I am so multi faceted...

nterview jacket

Interview hairstyle?

Fairy Step Buddha necklace

and she spackles!

Another hairpic w/ plygs

necklace and jacket

And my good luck setup/negative energy clearing bowl.

White, vlack, orange, red green

Think good thoughts for me if you wish.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wallet from

Recycled GE Folder Wallet

So I am writing an Art Manual and found this art site called:

The lady Tiffany said I could use whatever I wanted from there with their compliments!

So I tried a few wallets one from a cereal box and one made from an old GE Renewable energy folder.

I think that I am going to make some more of these and sell them for Kind Outreach and Humane Education Project as a fund raiser.

To make your own go to


Busy ness Card Wallet

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hat Attack

OK. So I got a few hats done even while being hospitalized: Go me! ****Click to see the entire picture, can't make photobucket resize them GRRRRR)******

Seans Pixie hat:
Sean likes it

Alisons Pixie Tychus:
Alison Hat

Bill from Frozen fire's Hats:

White= Acrylic Wool Blend in Super Chunk by a friend Red= Alpaca Wool blend from same friend
Frozenfire Hat #1

Frozenfire Hat #2

Clapotis is still in my UFO's. I just bought myself Size 10.75 16 inch Addi Turbo Naturals.
So I will have to wait to start my Alpaca/silk SWELL hat... (from Summer

I am still sore and annoyed as hell at my coworkers.

There are two crazy nosy ladies whom are constantly looking over my shoulder and asking me for crap. Its like they have no respect for my personal space at all.

I want to go HOME.


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Frozen Fire hats!

Despite being hospitalized today for a migraine and projectile vomiting I managed to wash and finish the two hats for my buddy Bill at Frozen fire. I will put up pics once they are dried.

I had to have a CBC Chem-7, IV Compazine, Lumbar Puncture, CT Scan and 2 Bags of Saline and Magnesium.

I am so ready to collapse.

LONG day.


Monday, March 03, 2008

Even as a vegan...

This made me yelp outloud with laughter:

Humorous Pictures
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