Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Big Changes

So I am now SIGNIFICANTLY over my goal weight.  Having pneumonia and giving up my gym membership really did a number on me.

I tried to work out at home but with a large dog, and three very curious cats and a fiance I could never relax.

I need a gym.  I need a place I can go, relax, and do my physical therapy.

I decided that I am accepting that I have a sugar addiction.  If there is sugary treats in the house, I want them.  I don't want to "punish" or "restrict" myself from foods I enjoy.  That said I need to limit my food splurges to ONE day a week and make it a day where I can burn off the splurge.

I am limiting my sugar, soda, carbohydrates not to get skinny, but because when I eat them I don't feel my best.  My body functions the best on low glycemic High Protein food.

Add in that I enjoy vegetables and a good cheese, oil, or piece of meat and well its not really punishing myself.

So my basic idea is:

1.  Always eat breakfast
2.  Be hydrated with water
3.  Check serving sizes and follow them, no eating out of the bag or 'guesstimates'
4. Don't eat after dark
5.  On Splurge days, Splurge early.
6.  Use protein not caffeine to get energy
7. Do at least 20 minutes of physical therapy and 20 minutes of vigorous activity a day
8.  Track your food with how you feel, find out what makes you more energetic, what makes you less.
9.  Try new things Kale, Swiss Chard I am looking at you!
10.  Take your supplements! 

Just little things I know.  But I am hopeful that it will slowly help me to become more healthy and cut my chance of diabetes.