Tuesday, March 31, 2009

IRS: time to cause my brain to implode

SO I gathered my shoebox full of random slips of paper. Gathered my calculator and went on Tax cut to fill in my 2008 taxes.

Thinking this would take at leas an hour if not longer I was set with snacks, a cat, blanket, music, even a slinky.

20 minutes and 1,000 bucks later I was not only done but transferring my 401K over to a new 401K that would allow me to actually keep adding money to it!

It saved my copy of this year and last years Taxes, I immediately burned them to a disc and stuffed them into my shoebox.

I then rewarded myself with 2 episodes of "Private Practice" the crappiest show on ever and I love it.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Bough on the Money tree

SO I did my taxes. I should get about 800 bucks back.

I have a loan I am going to pay off.

With whats left over I am going to put some in savings, get one pair of jeans, two pairs of plugs (wood) a kilo of henna (from Henna Sooq to last the year and its 60% cheaper than buying small quantities every month when I get paid)

I am also getting my scootie puff junior back on the road so I can take it to work, the library, the store, and around the neighborhood.

I need to renew my motorcycle insurance (50 bucks) and get my license (75 bucks)

Also my Scootie puff might need some work done later, but I am going to have my friend Adam take a look at it down the street.

Viva Spring!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Who would do this for you?

So as some people know I am sick. I have Fibromyalgia, Syringomyelia, Chronic Inflammatory Chondritis, and now apparently nerve damage in my hands and feet as well as the beginnings of arthritis.

To fight the symptoms of the host of conditions I have they have be on a neural uptake inhibitor that makes my brain stop neural pulses so I don't have searing pain in my hands and feet by the end of the day. It is a medication that they use for people with epilepsy but works great for me. It also stops me from having 9 out of 10 migraines that used to make me vomit uncontrollably.

They have me on serotonin inhibitors to lower the doses of pain receptors to the brain so my body doesn't register the amount of pain I am in. Thus I am strictly forbidden to do yard work, exercise, or strenuous labor without someone who knows my condition assisting me. I could and have hurt myself.

I am also on a non narcotic pain management system to manage arthritis pain and it makes me a little tired but not tired enough not to work or create, that is good. I am actually back to drawing, writing and publishing stories again. Which is great because I have a cellphone bill to pay.

Well for about 8 weeks my sister and my fiance had to follow me around with a shop vac. I was vomiting, crapping my pants, and peeing myself (sometimes in the car, other times in the store) and I was too weak to change myself or clean up the mess. So my sister or my fiance would without complaint clean up the mess. Sometimes I would cry and my two little nephews would come up and rub my back and hug me despite me smelling like feces or urine and say "Its OK Aunt KJ everybody has accidents!"

Once my nephew brought "Everybody poops" up from downstairs climbed into bed with me and read it to me. I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face.

He reminded me about the time I woke up to him throwing up in my bed. I said "Your were 2 buddy, you didn't mean to..." he stopped me and said "It was an accident right?" I shut up after that.

Crash hasn't had to clean up vomit in 5 months. We are both very pleased that the uncontrolled vomiting and releasing of bowels without warning has stopped. I feel much better not having to wear adult diapers. Crash was a trooper. We were thinking that the worst was coming REALLY REALLY early and it turned out that I had a terrible bug that had done a number on my system and they had to completely reset my immune system.

I thought the syringo had finally ruined my bowel and bladder control and the vomiting was just a nasty side effect.

Our New Dr. Chioma helped us through the whole thing and even though he wasn't our doc anymore Dr Copola called the hospital each time I was there to check on me and called my house when I was home to find out how I was. He and Dr. Chioma talked many times during their quest on how to treat me before resorting to reset my system.

That was no fun.

Two rounds of Flagyll and Diflucan later I was no longer vomiting. I had to take probiotics and eat soy yogurt (yeck!) for 3 weeks but I felt MUCH better.

Now I am back on my normal regimen and havn't had any problems.

My point?

Who would do this for you?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Medical drama

So, I am feeling a little angsty. Crash and I finally have medicaid and Medical care for my tumor. We now have enough food stamps and Heat assistance that we can take care of most cost of utilities.

But we just got our list for unpaid and uncovered medical bills...

1,050.00 on my visa
425.00 from the hospital on collections
I think but am not sure there is another collections agency after me from North medical but I think they are going to lower their fee soon.

So gaping total: 1,475.00

Yeah. I was just celebrating being paid off of my 3500.00 student loan.

Being sick really sucks.

Natural skin care for Eczama

So if you have skin like mine it is dry but prone to break out.

Nice right? So going through adolescence I tortured my skin trying to dry it out, or smother it with various creams and potions that had buddha knows what in them.

I went from clear tight dry skin to oily clear skin, to dry broken out skin, to combination skin, back and forth and finally a friend of mine who was a dermatologist said "You should not use anything on your face that you can't pronounce and you shouldn't wash your face more than once a day unless your wearing makeup"

It seemed so simple right? Have you ever actually looked at the back of skin care labels?

Poly or Oxy or Micro. or cellu?

Right so here is what I "wash" my face with.

After jumping into the shower I rub a mixture of castor oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and vitamin e oil (about a tablespoon) on my wet face and massage it into my skin for a full minute

Then I soap up my armpit, nether's, and ears and rinse, then carefully I wash my hands, then I use my organic glycerin and olive oil facial bar and swipe my wet hand across it barely getting any soap. I suds up my hands and swipe my cheeks once rinse my hands of suds and then gentle spread the remaining suds across my face not rubbing.

then I rinse gentle and get out of the shower. I immediately without toweling off use OYIN burnt sugar Pomade or Whipped pudding on my eczema spot on my face to moisturize them and my body oil on my arms legs and torso, then I dry off.

Since I have started this I have only had breakouts during my menstrual period.

Nothing works all the time for everyone, but its something to thing about for someone who is addicted to store bought sudzing over the counter face and body washes.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hair rasing facts and opinions

I actually shock some friends about a few facts with my hair.

1. I only wash it once a week.

2. It is down to my waist

3. Of my long haired friends my hair is the SHORTEST

4. I deep condition my hair with catnip tea

5. I color my hair with henna once a month

Some interested articles I have found about shampoo as well:

When It Comes To Shampoo, Less Is More

by Allison Aubrey


How to Shampoo the Hair- a 1908 article


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What dog are you?

Dog type: You are a Pomeranian

You're talkative, annoying, and hard-headed, yet your energy and attractiveness seem to get you friends, you are loyal to a fault, have a long fuse but are destructive when angry.

What?! a POMERANIAN?! They are like gerbils on crack?!

Man...I would have said Bulldog, or Huskie, or, Aikida... or Shar-pei.

not Pomeranian.

Man. That test sucks. I'm a cat.