Monday, August 30, 2010

Polish Haul and Flakies Mani!

My splendiferous Fiance decided that I could go on a shopping trip.

So he got me a pair of new ankle boots for Fall

Nail Polish:

My ebay win-

SH Hidden Treasure

My H&M Polishes-

HM I'm a Saint & Blue Sky

My Claires Moods Polish-

Claire Mood Polishes

And my Mani using the H&M Blue Sky Polish with the SH Hidden Treasure Polish-

HM Blue Sky with SH Hidden Treasure

HM Blue Sky with SH Hidden Treasure

Look at those foil like shimmers!!! I can't stop looking.

I have swatched everything all my fave colors.

Swatches laters.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Nail Wists

So, I have been getting bored of my manicures.

I've even created a color chart of all the possible color combos of manicures that I can do and I just look at them and sigh.

48 color combos I have worked out with my measly stash and I am still at a creative stand still.

Right now I am wearing Revlon Minted with China Glaze Fairy Dust on my Mani and Maybeline Purple Aluminum with China glaze Fairy Dust on my Pedi.

Revlon "Minted" with CC "Fairy Dust"

Maybeline "Purple Aluminum"

Both are my favorite colors.

They make me happy, but I need inspiration.

I need LA Colors Nails Art Deco Polish.

I found them for 1.50 an a nail site but I CANNOT be buying anything when I am jobless.

Chris just let me buy makeup and bid on a limited HTF polish on e-bay.

No more polish this month.

(I went a LITTLE high on bidding for my lemming)

I really want to try:

Nfu-oh Holo

Nfu- of Flakies

Mood Polish

Gradient Manicures

Konad Stamping with Bundle Monster Plates

With surgury coming up I can't get a job for at least another 2 months.

GRRRR! At least I will have one thing fixed. Off to go buy a printer cartridge.

XOXO Pics later I promise... heres to hold ya.

"But I don't want to wear the horsey thing!"

I hate the horsey thing!

"A little PRIVACY while I eat your plants?!"

little PRIVACY while I eat your plants?!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Products that my eczema loves

So having had eczema since I was a baby I have always looked for the perfect face cleanser, lotion, and means to keep clean and have a bubble bath without breaking out in a rash.

I wish that Galderma, Proctor and Gamble, and Johnson and Johnson would stop animal testing all together.

However it seems that there are laws that "require" any topical treatment that is considered medicinal to be tested on animals first.

Since those three companies, especially Galderma being the leader in products for people like me with severe skin conditions, products are almost all medicinal, it would be illegal for them to discontinue animal testing.

What bullcrap.

I finally find Cleanser, Face potion, and a bubbly bath that I can use and all of them are tested on animals.

Cetaphil Daily Face wash

This face wash is a person with eczema and combo skins dream. It foams slightly, has little or no scent, doesn't sting, takes off stubborn makeup, and won't leave your skin feeling like you just walked in from a sand storm. The pump bottle top makes it easy to use in the shower or at the sink and it was gentle enough that I could use it twice a day if I got really greasy sweating at night without stripping my skin.

Olay 7 Sensitive Skin

I am 33 now. I don't have wrinkles yet but I am getting discoloration, uneven skin, and noticing my skin isn't as supple as it was. So I had been experimenting with moisturizers. Holy Jeebus there are a lot of them out there but finding one without dyes or fragrance that also brightened the skin and didn't cost 80 dollers? Forget about it.

Until I was talking to another friend of mine with severe facial dermatitis. She said the local drugstore was having a buy one get one 50% off and to go get Oil of Olay Regenerist 7.

Skeptical but impressed with how great her skin looked I went, bought a bottle (27.99 normally)

I have used it for three months and notice my skin is softer, no more rash, even skin tone, my old scars are faded, my pores are smaller. I really like this stuff and my Nana used to give me samples of her Lancome, Estee Lauder, and Clinique to use as a kid and that stuff NEVER worked on me!

Johnson and Johnson bubble bath and body wash

This is one of my favorite things. My softly bubbling non girly part irritating bubble bath. It washes all my body without drying it out, and unlike the Dove "fragrance free" body wash it really doesn't have much of a fragrance. No dyes, and it doesn't feel like I am washing in lotion, I come out of the shower or bath feeling clean and soft.

Another great thing is that it works well with essential oils. I can easily add a few drops of Lavender and have a relaxing soak, or shower before I drift off to sleep. Or put some Sage on a poof and wake up before I go to a party. This is a real workhorse that is gentle enough for baby, but strong enough for this dirty girl.

My trifecta of happy itch free skin after almost 33 years of looking and trying everything else.

As you may notice I linked to the companies disclosures on Animal Testing and most seem to be trying to do away with animal testing, I don't understand the animal testing for pet food. I have protested that, wrote letters about it and will continue to do so.

Also animals anatomy is so much different than ours I really don't understand what exactly they are testing. Just because a dog is sensitive to vicks vapo rub, doesn't mean it is going to make me sick. Dogs also naturally have Salmonella in their digestive tracts and can eat raw meat and it makes them HEALTHIER.

I eat raw meat, I get sick and die from an intestinal parasite.

Bottom line will I use these products? Cetaphil and Oil of Olay? Yes. I have not found ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING that works nearly as well to help my poor face.

Body wash I am going to try some of the cruelty free baby wash lines. I hear California Baby was really good.

And as always, if I find a replacement and its good, you will be the first to know.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Vroom-Vroom! Frankenpolish

So I have made a new frankenpolish. Named after the manicure I used for its debut.

I went to a friends birthday recently and all the ladies had awesome manicures and pedicures (as did I but I does mah own nailz)

One Miss Tiffany had an awesome gray polish on her toes and when I asked her what it was got a "I dunno, got it at my weekly pedi"


So went home and having had the bottle of white polish from LA Colors (Energy Source) a drab white out color) I took it, doctored it with ink black from Sally Xtreme wear until I got a gunmetal gray.

Then thinking I needed a little something and having a longtime LOVE affair for 70's muscle cars I put a shiny black racing stripe down the side.

Vroom-Vroom Gray Franken Polish is born!

Vroom-Vroom Frankenpolish

Vroom-Vroom Frankenpolish w black striper

I think this manicure is hawt.



Sunday, August 22, 2010

Simple Flashy French

Went to a birthday party and after I made these Double Dark Chocolate "Brooklyn Blackout Cupcakes" and Classic Yellow Cake with Ganache Frosting mah nails was RUINED!

SO I needed a fast manicure that was pretty.

Enter simple french.

But how to pretty it up for a party?

Well after my friend har-har ING at me for not understanding what a Stripe-er was (I kept saying "What would a stripper have to do with nails?"

I went to the local beauty barn where Stripe-ers were on sale 2 for 1!

Needless I bought a silver and a glittery black.

So this Manicure was born:

Flashy French

Flashy French Thumb

Obligatory Brooklyn Blackout Cupcake (with chocolate pudding injection) food porn pic:

Brooklyn Blackout CC

Happy Birthday Classic Yellow Cake with Chocolate Ganache:

Classic Yellow cake w/Ganache

Sad dog who didn't get to taste ANYTHING!



Wednesday, August 18, 2010

LA Color Craze w/ Sinful Colors Nail Junkie

Look at those flakies! I keep staring at my nails. I am not a cool colors fan but this is defiantly going into my rotation.


Up close Macro shot of the Flake-y goodness.

LA Color Craze Static Electricity w/ Sinful Colors Nail Junkie

This is a Sinful Colors polish that was actually quite thick and had variations in glitter size that surprised me!

I have had a few Sinful Color polishes that I have been unhappy with. But using them as top coats I have found they are beautiful.

And I finally broke down and bid on a bottle of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure on ebay. Damn you nail polish blogs for showing me all those pretty pictures of Hidden Treasure beautifully perverting your nail polish!

Now I haz to have it.

In other news my dog got a new bed! Now my beloved Kayne Micheal has an inflatable Orthopedic Air Mattress by Precision Kennels, ironically for his Precision Kennel.

The cats like it so much and it was so cheap (Yay clearance!) I may go back and buy a smaller one for them.

Action shots:

First I had to share this sad shot of Kayne Micheal hiding in the bathroom during a thunder storm. He gets so scared and upset that we have to dope him with benadryl.

You see the drool right? Poor baby!

Kayne hides from the storm

And him with his new bed, which I woke up this morning to find him sleeping UNDERNEATH...?! Doofy dog!

Kaynes new Bed from mama

Well Papa is home so time to make the donuts.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Teal and Silver Manicure

So I have been REALLY trying to get my cuticles to not look jacked.

I have been using cuticle oil EVERY night. I use hand cream EVERY night. I wear gloves when I do dishes.

So why do my nails look jacked?!


On the other hand I love this manicure. It reminds me of my favorite casserole dish with the silver inlay.


Its Nina Pro Nails "In a Tiff" and Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens in silver.

Teal and SIlver

Can I just say that I do NOT like the Sally Hansen nail art pens?

They drag, smudge and lift color. I think I am going to just go get a thin brush and use that instead. Seriously DO NOT LIKE.

See my jacked nails? Any advice on those?

Teal and SIlver

More Nails soon!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Battle of the Fast Dry Top Coats: "Seche Vite" vs. "INM Out the door"

So I was a late nail bloomer.

I always did my Nana's nails, but a life that revolved around constant working out, Martial Arts, playing guitar, and piano did not bode well for having pretty nails.

Now that a disease has caused me to have less fine motor skills and makes guitar playing too painful and weight training and martial arts impossible I started to let myself grow my nails out.

I have amassed what I think is a great base of colors to start me mixing and matching and hopefully having some pretty nails.

But the long asked question I had was, how to keep my manicure fresh?

My Nana used the long stand by Hard as Nails "Hard as Wraps" by Sally Hansen in the round bottle. she was the super patient woman who would put on her base coat and color, let it dry while she watched her nightly shows, then put her Hard as Nails "Hard as Wraps" on before bed and sleep with her arms crossed across her chest like a vampire corpse.

Only to rise with a lovely long lived manicure.

I was never that patient.

So I bought my Hard as Wraps to use as a top coat when I did my french manicures but still looked for the dream top coat.

Enter the debate. First came Mega Shine top coat by Sally Hansen. But I found that it puckered around the edges and pulled at the nail enamel!

I read from many reviewers that this was to be expected. Then I noticed that within a few weeks my bottle began to get really thick in consistency and hard to get the product out.

I had enough by then and gave the bottle to a friend of mine who said she wanted it.

Then I went online and read everyone raving about "Seche Vite"

If there is one thing to know about me its that if EVERYONE is telling you to use something, I am bound and determined to resist.

SO I went to my local beauty supply store where my friend the nail tech worked next door and asked her what she used. She pulled out a JUG and I mean a HUGE bottle of "INM Out the door" Fast dry top coat.

I Immediately went next door and bought it.

I loved it. It dried in seconds, provided a chip free shiny finish, I had the bottle for 2 months before it started to get a little thick. My nail tech friend told me to clean the bottle neck with Nail Polish remover and put a few drops of thinner in the bottle and it would be good as new.

I noticed no puckering, and I could reapply a coat every three days to extend a really fantastic manicure.

On my birthday my fiance gave me 40.00 to spend on whatever I wanted at the Beauty Supply store.

I was just about to pick up my trusty bottle of "INM Out the door" when I noticed they were offering "Seche Vite" for the same price.

So in the name of science I picked up the bottle and decided I would do a comparison.

First thing I noticed "Seche Vite" is thick right out of the bottle. So I am concerned that it is going to get thicker the longer I have it.

It went on easily enough and smoothed out over my nail polish. It gave a really glassy shine too!

I actually got a lot of compliments on my birthday manicure.

But one thing I have noticed is that "Seche Vite" tends to pucker my polish and pull it away from my tips.

I am careful to pull polish almost over and under my tips to kind of protect them and the "Seche Vite" seemed to almost pull the polish in.

For Shine I agree it is fantastic. And I took a beating on my birthday nails and was amazed they woke up in suck great condition. But the puckering at the tips raises an eyebrow since the regular price is more than "INM Out the Door"

I am going to do a left had vs Right hand challenge later this week.

But do you use Seche Vite or INM? Which one do you like better?


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Laquerized- Nail polish give away!

So, one of the nail blogs I follow besides Miss 80 Millions, The Daily Nail, Vampy Varnish, The Polish Addict, All you Desire, and Pink Sith.....

Yeah...its becoming a problem LOL

But ANYWHOO! Laquuerized is giving away KIKO German Nail Polishes if you are a follower on her blog (I am!) and comment and leave your e-mail addy (I did!)

I'm a rather huge fan of German cosmetics and so here is hoping one of us wins huh?

Here is the link

Good Luck!


Birthday Haul

My honey was VERY generous.

I got a 15% off coupon, plus a 5 dollar off coupon, plus a birthday discount from my friend who is a nail tech and said he would meet me at Sally Beauty and buy my stuff for me with his Cosmeticians license.

I was completely geeked out.

SO I gots THESE:

(L-R) Lubu Heels, Black DIamon, Fiary Dust, and Rainbow

And then I decided I needed THESE:


And a bottle of Seche Vite to try and a ginormous bottle of Nail Polish remover.

I am kinda impressed with Seche Vite. It goes on thick but really smooths out any mistakes and really makes your manicure look nice. BUT, it is SO THICK. It is going to be gel before I am halfway done with it and that drives me NUTS.

My friend said the way you keep it fresh is by cleaning the top of the container so that it closes and forms a good seal. If it gets crusty and can't close the water will evaporate.

I am still a fan of INM Out the Door but I am going to do a side by side comparison to see which top coat works better.

SO without further ado. Here are Birthday Mani/Pedi Pics!

Birthday Mani- Sally Xtreme Wear Black out with China Glaze Lubu Heels, 2 Coats Seche Vite TC:

Black Base, Lubu Heels, Seche Vite TC

Black base, with Lubu Heels, and Seche Vite Top Coat.

Birthday Pedi- Frankenpolish "Raising Kayne" with China Glaze Fairy Dust, 2 coats Seche Vite TC:

Frankenpolish "Rasing Kayne"

It went PERFECT with my Turquoise and peach beaded sandals that I was wearing with my jeans, black suit jacket and slinky t-shirt.

All my buddies who were with me were like "Wow! we all look like slobs!" Bax was like "Well I'm wearing shoes, so theres that." I was very proud he wore shoes and shorts for me.

No underwear though. Which he announced to everyone. Which is probably why we wee surrounded by hoe parade on and off through the night. Much to Bax, Lil Joe, Beretta
and I's amusement Bai tried to hit on every single scary looking, inappropriately dressed, drunken barfly that flitted over to our corner of the patio.

Granted, you have my very handsome guy friends all talking bikes, travel, music, and bloody movies and somehow girls always seem to flock like moths to a naked bulb.

It was highly amusing to watch Bai speaking Russian and trying to pick up several Ukrainian women who were so thin I could actually see their ribs and hip bones.

Bax kept shuddering whenever she leaned over whispering to the rest of us "I can see her spine! someone give her some chicken stat!"

Lil Joe and I decided that every girl duo in the bar had a hot girl and a fat friend, or a hot girl and a grenade ( a friend who is not as attractive as you ad therefore makes you feel better about yourself or makes you look better in comparison)

He and I decided that I am the fat chick AND the hot girl, he is the thin chick AND the grenade.

We told Bax our thoughts and he reached over and cupped Joe's chest and said "You definitely ain't the hot chick, your titties ain't big enough"

I snorted gin out my nose.

I love my guy friends. Real drinks, interesting conversation, real jokes, I can look at pretty girls with them and laugh until gin comes out nose and not worry about whether I look pretty.

Happy Birthday indeed.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

LA Color Craze Swatches

So I broke down and swatched!

I was having some serious questions about Magnetic Energy so I broke down and swatched it.

Let me just say the bright pink bottle did NOT match the neon orange with gold frost that it turned into. I still can't decide if I like this or not. I think it may be great for someone with darker skin or who LOVES bright color.

Magnetic Energy (LA Colors Color Craze)

Next is a swatch of all the colors that I got for myself (Excluding High Voltage which I am not going to keep)

Left to Right

Magnetic Energy, Static Electricity, Transformer, High Voltage

(L-R) Magnetic Energy, Static Electicity, Transformer, High Voltage

And my thumb a PRETTY purple that I love: Nuclear Energy


I honestly love Nuclear Energy, Transformer, Static Electricity, and Atomic

I think Rain is going to love her colors she picked out!

I still have two bottles of Magnetic Energy, one bottle of Shock, one of Static Electricity, and one of High Voltage (the one that looks like White out, but shiny)

I did not swatch Shock, its unopened. If you are interested but want me to swatch it I will.


Sunday, August 08, 2010

Atomic Manicure from the dollar store, learning my lesson about yellow nails

So I was hoping to score some Maybeline Nail enamel when I saw a few bottles of LA Colors Color Craze. Not knowing anything about the product but really digging the in your face brightness of the turquoise shade of "Atomic" I snagged a bottle and thought "hey for a buck if I hate it who cares?"

I went home and booted up the trusty laptop and found this site. Needless to say I was shocked and a little thrilled to find out my dollar store find was a cruelty free, toluene and formaldehyde free product!

So further enthused I waited until my current manicure at the time (China Glaze Strawberry Fields) gave up the ghost and then go my arsenal together and set to do my manicure.

Because this is a somewhat darker enamel I always start my manicure with a good coat of Orly Orlon Base coat.


I have not found any other base coat that I like better for the price. I use this to set up a barrier between my nails and the color because I noticed my nails yellowing a bit.

Next I apply Creative Nail Design "Stickey" Anchoring base coat. Yeah, yeah, I know two base coats. Here is the thing though, I noticed that using the CND Stickey alone did NOT help to stop yellowing. Also I read reviews of CND Stickey and several people said that while it is great for making your color stay longer it is not good at stopping the yellowing of the nail.


So I consulted a friend of mine who is a nail technician at a Spa in Palm Springs and asked her opinion. She said she alternates between light and dark polishes, uses a regular base coat and the CND Stickey basecoat, and gives her nails a good scrub with baking soda and peroxide paste followed by a soak in a bowl of water with a denture tablet. She does this every other time she changes her polish (so once a week) and says her nails are not yellow in the slightest.

Since I have been following her advice I noticed that my nails are much whiter and I can barely see any yellow at all.

At one point they were getting pretty gross.

See the yellow on the side of the nail peeking out from even underneath? ewww.


After two treatments, and a light buffing, the yellow is SERIOUSLY on the outs.


Today before I did my nails. The basecoats, treatments, and care paid off!


My pretty "Atomic" nails in the sun. I love this color! I cannot believe it was a dollar!

So, lesson learned about base coats, nail care,and enamel ingredients. I learned a lot by taking a risk on a tiny bottle of pretty blue nail enamel and it paid off.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Things I am entering. A giveaway

China Glaze Vintage Vixen set in Cat´s Meow
One lucky winner gets this set of six polishes. It includes:
Goin' My Way?
Emerald Fitzgerald
Riverter Rouge
Classic Camel
Midnight Mission
First Class Ticket

So the lovely lady at All You Desire ( was reccomended to me by a fellow polish affianado who knows how much I love looking at comparisons between nail polish colors.

Whay do you mean? you are saying? Let me explain. I hate nothing more that to go out, buy a 10 dollar bottle of ail polish, come home and find out it is a chipping, flakey mess, or worse that I love it and have just bought the last bottle.''It is enough to make you hair turn white, and grind your teeth flat.

So in comes with a great eye for immediately picking out similarities between polishes and showing the to us so that we can decide for ourselves whether the more expensive one is earth the price r replace a discontinued much beloved color.