Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How Billy saved my life.

I have had several people ask me WHY Billy is so near and dear to me.  I have beem hesitant to tell my story.  So let me just say that I had crippling anxiety and was afraid to leave my campus room in college.  I became obsessed with cleaning, organizing and straightening.

I could barely go to class much less sleep.

But my mother and best friend convinced me to adopt Billy because he didn't like anyone else, but immediately took to myself and my mother and best friend.

Because of Billy I stopped vacuuming obsessively (it terrified him) because of Billy I had to learn to leave my room, if only to get his food, litter, and toys.  Because of Billy I had to see my best friend who shared custody of him.  And because of Billy I had to spent a minimum of 30 minutes outside with him while he ran around on a leash.

I woke up, and went to bed only because He wanted me too.  I went to class only because he was allowed to come with in my back pack and the professors and other students loved him so much.

I got therapy because Billy ran away from me into the therapist main office and endeared himself to one of the counselors.

To this day I still speak with her and send her pictures.

Billy in short made me live my life, he saved it.

There is more to this story, but those are the highlights.  So because of Billy, I am a better person.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Insert title here

I am still alive.  I have just been trying like MAD to keep myself healthy and take care of myself.  Because I am on my feet for 26-48 hours out of the week and around all kinds of people (with my immune system of a wet hamster) I have to be cautious.

I have just reordered my supplements.  I am trying a fish oil supplement even though I HATE fish and am worried about fish burps.

My friend the nutritionist told me if I take my bromelein and eat something at the same time it won't happen.

So my immune system and anti-inflammation supplements are as follows:

Vitamin D
Omega 3-6-9 with flax and chia oils
Quercetin and bromelain Supplement
Vitamin E
Daily Children's Jelly Bean multi (because the only way to make me take them was to put them in jelly bean form)

I wake up when Crash does in the morning and take my supplements, then go back to sleep for a while until Doguchupra decides I have rested too long and he wants to do things/that I have to get up for work.

Then I take morning meds and eat some cereal with my dogzilla.  Feed Billy his slurry meat shake.  Finally I get dressed, put my makeup on, and either go to work, or get going on my other chores (Turtle, dog, cat,cat,cat,or cat, fish tank, plants, laundry, cleaning, to name a few)

So all in all I am here, I am just tired a lot and working a lot.