Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For fellow freebie lovers and bookworms

I just found this from a fellow Bibliophile and went SQWUEEEE! and vowed to print out one in every color on cardstock for my personal use and my nephew!

These are so damn cute!


I never heard of this lady before but when accidentally stumbling upon her post via reading a friends bibliophile post I went over board cooing over her chick bookmarks when I noticed she had made them!

So get your spring craft on and share and share a like! Make one fore your fellow Bibliophile and Also she recommends laminating with contact paper which is a pretty good idea. But you could also just slap a coat of Mod podge on.


Monday, April 20, 2009

4/20/2009- Family Guy Bag Of Weed Song

Family Guy: Bag of Weed song

This song had me laughing so hard I nearly had to change my pants. Happy 4/20 everyone who knows what that means. Not that I partake but I still find it hilarious.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

And D Minor makes Three?

So recently Crash and I gained a minor.

Our godson/nephew moved in with us.

So far its been the honey moon stage, eating together, playing games, getting ready for school. But the thing is, we have all been living together and he has been staying here or sleeping over for almost an entire year anyway, now his crap is here.

In short, the only thing that changed is his mom has to call and ask me to speak to him or come up and knock if she wants to talk to him.

I got phone lists, change of address forms, additional guardian forms, and sworn lawyer statements with legal agreements stating I am a legal guardian and he is my minor. I am now even able to claim him as a minor and able to make doctor's appointments! Which let me tell you is BIZARRE!

This came about because my sister said that she couldn't handle having two children and neither custodial parent wanted to take him. They were planning to send him to an unfit situation in Las Vegas with a family member and when I found out Crash and I put our foot down.

Changes were made immediately.

So now, despite all my efforts. I am a parent of a 10 year old.

Summer is coming up and I apparently don't have work and Crash got a job that is stellar. "D minor's" other guardians want him to visit family in Nevada, Hawaii, Minnesota, and Canada. The D has a younger brother who can't fly alone because of emotional issues and medication needs so they asked me if I would fly out with the boys, stay for a week in a hotel, and then fly back.

I have family in Nevada and Minnesota but Hawaii?! ALOHA!? I also want to take D' minor camping because he has never been. I don't want the entire summer spent inside playing computer, reading, and playing video games. Granted we will be traveling a LOT but still.

This weekend was spend with D'minor and his smaller emotionally disturbed brother whom I had to physically restrain numerous times this weekend. I am so mentally and physically exhausted from this boy I can't even go into detail the amount of time, energy and patience he sucked out of D'minor, Crash and myself.

By the time we got home and saw his mother was there we piled out of the car, clomped upstairs made tea and sat on the front porch in silence just being quiet.

Then D' minor said "Next weekend, we run away where they can't find us and stay until monday!"

I luaghed so hard my sides hurt!

Its still the honeymoon phase, maybe more likely we are the odd couple and were meant to be together all along.


Wednesday, April 08, 2009