Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Its a conundrum...

So once again, we are back to "Just drive the Jeep"  If I have no vehicle by Thursday, I am fired.  Not "taking a leave of absence" not "taking a break" not "driving the Jeep" FIRED.

I called my boss today, her first question?  "did you get rid of the Jeep?"

No, no we did not, correction. No HE did not.  Said Piling bucket of sh*t parts is currently parked in front of our house.

I like my job, I am GOOD at my job, I am going to get FIRED from my job and then he can keep the damn Jeep because I won't need it to go anywhere.

Granted we also won't have money for rent, food, or anything else.  But he will get to keep his Jeep and  won't have to put on his big boy panties and go LOOK at better cars.

I am not sure any way other than smacking him upside the head with a large phone book (wait, dammit everything is digital now) to make him understand WE NEED A NEW CAR.  Just because something drives does not make is 1. Safe. 2. Reliable or 3. Fiscally responsible.  Somehow I can not get it into his head that buying a car (even though it is really scary) is something that has to happen.

Well I may end up using my 1,000 check for bus fare or rent at this rate.  Damn I am eloquent when blind with rage.

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