Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Things to do INSTEAD of buying your kid a bunny or chocolate on Easter.

I hate the holidays.  I truly do.  In our house growing up the holidays were about family coming into town, spending time eating together, laughing, going to see parades, and volunteering.

We usually did the Sunday Night supper, or a Soup kitchen.  We had gifts but they were small, reasonable.

So now easter is coming and I KNOW that people are revving up to buy tiny cute bunnies, kittens, and chickens knowing NOTHING about what to do with those animals when they become adults.

OR they get baskets that are as big as a smart car filled with tooth decaying, mind erasing, sugar crusted thing a ma bobs guaranteed to send their child into a frenzy of high blood sugar and tear inducing crashes.

How about we do something else?

I am going to share with you some ideas of what to do on easter besides buy things.

1.  Go to church.  ANY church.   How about some fellowship?  community? learn some folklore about Christians and how they stole this pagan holiday?

2.  Volunteer.  Dog shelter, Cat Shelter, HEY BUNNY SHELTER.  Hospital, children's home, homeless shelter.  ANY FREAKING place that has people who didn't get a basket the size of a smart car!

3.  Take an lonely person out to lunch.  Everyone has that neighbor or relative who has no one to come and take them out on a holiday.  ADOPT THEM.  Take them into your home, give them a sense of being with family.  Open your hearts and arms to someone who has no one. *** EDIT:  We are currently seeking out a person without a family to adopt and feed.  Applications can be sent to keenjoy at gmail dot com ***

4.  Learn something.  My Nana and I always went to the Science museum or the Art Museum on holidays.  (This was after our shift at the soup kitchen) we even went and saw movies together during holidays at the old black and white or the "art" cinema downtown.  She is a lifelong learner so any chance to cram some learning into my head, she did it.

5.  Go for a walk.  Even if it is in the mall, get some damn exercise!  My husband and I always do a family walk with our dog.  If it is nice we take him on a hike, HE LOVES IT.  Then we force him to wear bunny ears and pose for a picture.  No pain no gain.

SEE?  5 options noe of them involve buying hordes of chocolate or buying a cute little baby bunny that you will probably be trying to get rid of in 6 months.

And because you read this far here is your reward:

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