Sunday, March 02, 2014

Mom the Serial Hobby Mom.

So I have decided we will no longer speak of vehicles unless it is my lawyer plea bargaining for my voluntary manslaughter charge.

I digress.

So Friend and I were discussing hobbies.  My mother was asking me if I wanted her mineatures.  I said no because...I hate the life size shit I have, I do not want tony replicas.  Additionally? cats.

So when we were discussing hobbies I began to wax on about the numerous hobbies my mother has involved herself in through out her life.  I found myself amazed that I was not a hoarder with 50 cats.

So here goes the grand list:

Tropical Fish
Dressing up bears
Magic the gathering
Oil Painting
Iris Bulbs
Vegetable gardening
Gem, rock, and minerals
Golden Retrievers
Scrap booking
Rubber stamps
EDIT:  I keep remembering more as I am sitting here:
African Violets
Dollar store cermic cats
Pressing Wild FLowers
Wolf Rescues and wolves
Keep in mind, when my mother decides to start a hobby she goes big or goes home.  THEN when she is sick of that hobby, things either get boxed up, or given away.  Some of these hobbies were SUPER expensive.  I just thank god she never got into race cars, or building hobby planes or models because SH*T.
BUT looking back on this I realize I became a somewhat serial hobbyist too, but once I got really good at something, I quit because it was boring.  This must have been how my mother felt.  My mother is SUPERBLY intelligent.  We are talking SCARY CRAZY RAIN MAN SMART.

That said, if you gave my mother 20 bucks and said "Here is money for food" She would go to McDonlads, or a gourmet store and buy one days worth of food from a deli.  If you say "Mom, that was for three meals" she would stare at you and say "how can I eat three meals on 20 dollars?"  So As a younger kid going on roadtrips with my spend happy go lucky mother was super fun.  When I went to college and was drinking hot water with my own smuggled tea bag and had to hand over my credit card to cover my mother having ordered 50 dollars worth of food at a restaurant...I began to see things differently.

So now? I am frugal.  I mean FRUGAL.  I learned to change my own oil, I learned to do medical things, I taught myself to fix things, buy quality, and maintain things.  AND I learned to really consider your hobbies before you start them and learn what is truly valuable.

As far as being a serial hobbyist?  I am over that noise.  My hobbies are cooking for my family and reading with the occasional rubber stamping and baby hat knitting thrown in to keep my skills sharp.  I have plants, but they don't take over my house, and my craft box is small enough to fit into a tiny closet.

So for all the craziness of a life filled with serial craft and interests, there was a valuable lesson learned.

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