Thursday, March 06, 2014

Its time to review random crap! Donna Michelle Salon Basics Nail Polish Stickers (Dollar Tree)

So I am a fan of nail art, I have a tub of nail stuff and like to keep my nails pretty.  But polish chips like CRAZY.  So the only thing that seems to spend any real time on my nails are foils and nail stickers.

So when at the dollar store with my client I see a bunch of nail stickers "Donna Michelle Salon Basics Nail Polish Stickers"  Thinking aw fuck it they are a dollar, I bought some.

Last Sunday during the day I put them on, took about 20 minutes because I am a perfectionist. After they were on I hit them for about 10 seconds with the hair dryer, and slapped some Nail Effect top coat on them.

Then the next day waited for them to peel off, and they didn't

It is now Thursday night, and I have applied one other top coat to the nail decals, and they are STILL on my nails.  I have cleaned, cooked, washed, showered, scrubbed floors, planted seeds, peeled garlic, chopped onions, EVERYTHING.  They are not chipping, not other words they have no signs of coming off.

so far, no dice.  And they are kind cute too!

I am definitely going to go back and pick up a few more packs, just for fun.  Its nice to have a manicure once a week that has some staying power.  plus they have the pet wipes there that I use on Klaude that work GREAT and don't hurt his delicate bootie.

New review: Pet Wipes.  Tested y the dog, the cat, and inadvertently by my husband.

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