Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stress and Soccer Moms.

So my day began with not being able to sleep. SO I slept in and forgot "A" was picking up the kitten to get spayed.

I got confused and told Geo she was going to petsmart.

Geo flipped out and yelled at me.

So I called the Coalition leader and asked if the kitten could come back and if she could take another kitten to the petsmart. I got lectured about how this is not technically MY kitten and that she needs to be seen by more potential adopters and how the coalition could take her out of the house and take her to Canada if they felt so inclined, so I had better remember who was boss.


So I went to Wegmans to try to get some groceries. I found a great mug and was pretty happy but leary because everyone was driving like idiots in the parking lot. SO I was slowly pulling out of my parking spot, had stepped on the brake to check the other side of me again when I was ran into by a soccer mom on her cell phone in her minivan.

Literally while I was stopped.

So I made sure she was OK and that her children were ok when I noticed she had been holding her phone when she got out of the car. I refuse to discuss the accident with her and immediately called 911.

Then her husband came out of the store and said "What happened?" And the lady said "That teenage girl ran into us."

This did nothing to calm me.

I didn't say anything,refusing to be goaded, and simply pretended I didn't hear her. Then the guy started stopping pedestrians and saying, "Be careful, yeah we just got backed into, yeah young kid wasn't paying attention!"

So as my rage came bubbling to the surface I began to cry because I couldn't kill anyone or break anything.

It was killing me that I had been at a full stop, putting my car into drive, when this lady whipped around the corner with her cell phone, drove THROUGH a handicap spot (in order to cut the corner) and literally drove into my car because she wasn't quick enough (or watching) that I was already backed up into the road.

The police officer I ended up knowing. He heard what happened and looked at the damage on my car and asked if there had been any witnesses. There had been ONE and they left.

So he reconstructed the scene and said he could see what I was talking about and the lady had said she had been somewhat distracted by her children in the back.

But my insurance company says they are trying to say it is all my fault.

But even looking at her van you can see how she literally smashed into me and dragged her car alongside the corner of my bumper. You could see where she drove into me and kept going, where as I only had ONE point of "impact" because I was stationary.

She knocked out my back up lights and my neck hurts a little but I am OK.

SO then I arrived home after making a run to the bookstore to try to calm me down (I was and am still shaken) and came home only to find out our furnace is on the fritz.

I have been down there 13 plus times trying to fix it, I think I may have finally fixed it but honestly I am not sure. We are going to need to call a repair man.

And now, as I suspected, I am nauseous, sleepless, and sore.

So that's three bad things in one day. GREAT day huh!?


Friday, November 21, 2008

What heals you?

For me, chronic pain is an unfortunate part of my life. It affects everything. There are ways to manage it: drugs, heat, ice packs, sea salt soaks, massage, sleep, and my favorite, a swift kick to the head.

OK, so I only tried the last one once.

Recently I have found myself online a lot talking to other sufferers of Syringomyelia and Chiari Malformation and its good time friends chronic fatigue and disc degeneration.

One thing we all have in common is that we have one thing that no matter how much pain we are in we do this one thing and it takes our mind off the pain.

Usually long enough for narcotics to kick in Ba-ZING!

So lately I have been really into making mixed cd's for my friends and family. As Crash and I are HUGE (i mean over 5,000 cd's and 200 vinyl records, I am not going to mention cassette tapes because I will be embarrassed... huge) music dorks.

So since i have to travel and wanted a theme track for going to my put the fun in dysfunctional parents house (ok its just the mom and I who tussle...) I thought I would share some of my favorite songs with you.

So without further ado: Happy Thanksgiving, a musical tribute:

Kingdom in the Sky- Davinci's notebook
Smile- Lily Allen
One angry dwarf- Ben Folds
Mental Breakdown-Ember Swift
Song for the dumped-Ben Folds
Superman-The Blanks
Shameless- Ani DiFranco
Charles in Charge- The Blanks
Hallelujah- Rufus Wainright
Secret Asian Man- DaVinci's Notebook
Facts of Life- The Blanks
Barefoot- KD Lang
Jump in the line- DaVinci's notebook
Underdog-The Blanks
Superstition-Stevie Wonder
Valerie- Amy Winehouse
Allie McBeal-Davinci's Notebook
Never miss the water-Chaka Khan
Jockey full of Bourbon- Full Frontal Folk
Geek in the Pink- Jason Mraz
Casmir Pulaski Day- Sufjan Stevens

CD is available upon request.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, may your afterlife be blessed just american express it. (Davinci's Notebook)


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mind bending dissobedience

My nephews are driving me up a wall.

First of all they WILL NOT FOLLOW RULES. Every rule they know, rules that are everyday, they disobey and then say "I forgot!"

Its the escuse for everything. Rules are written down both up and downstairs and they just DO NOT follow them. We are talking safety rules!

Rules like:

Don't punch your brother

Don't hurt the cats

Don't leave the apartment without asking

Don't go into the street

They just do whatever they want and say "Huh what? oh I forgot"

It drives me insane because I have to be on top of them to get them to do anything I practically have to put my hand over their hands and do it for them.

How old do you have to be to actually follow directions and rules? not stupid rules, basic rules.

I want o beat my own head in.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Prop 8

As a kid who has biracial parents, and several LGBT friends and family this struck a chord with me. The thought that even in 1967 MY fiance and I couldn't have gotten married. Where is this separation between Church and state? How are ones religious beliefs allowed to impact a decision that has nothing to do with morality and is all about what is fair.

Marriage isn't about having kids because if it were Crash and I wouldn't be allowed to be married because I can't have children.

Marriage isn't about religion because if it were Crash and I wouldn't be allowed to marry because I am Buddhist and he is Christian.

Marriage isn't about race because if it were Crash and I would not be able to be married because he is Irish and French and I am Black and Native American.

Marriage is about Love, so why is marriage between two non related persons illegal still?

If Crashes Father can't marry his boyfriend of 15 years, then Crash and I are not going to get married either. We have discussed it and the fact is it is just not fair.

Why? It's not because we don't want to, and its not because we are afraid of divorce, it is because we are angry that our friends whose love is just as real and just as deep and committed as ours can't do the same.

Everyday we learn new things about our fellow man, and everyday horrible things are put up to divide us, are we growing less intelligent and compassionate with each new thing we learn? Each barrier we knock down?

Plant a seed of compassion it doesn't matter if you understand or not. Marriage between people who are willing to love, honor and cherish each other is not your right to ban because it makes you uncomfortable, your personal beliefs should have no bearing on what is right and what is wrong.

The fact is with age comes wisdom and it doesn't take much intelligence to realize marriage between souls who come together with love in their hearts should be as legal as any other marriage.

KJ and Crash


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Its 2:00AM where are YOUR kids?

Well, my mother's kids are clutching their abdomens, sucking down anti-nausea medication, and sipping hot beverages while trying to get a fever down.


Where the hell did I get a rogue fever? I haven't had one of these in months and I have been good about staying warm, washing hands, taking vitamins and staying away from other people's broods of sick kids.

But somehow I end up with toilet hugging (while I am not seated that is) fun.

Crash and I cleaned the entire apartment today and the nephewmonsters helped! They had a dust war to see who could get more check dusting with the swiffer, then they had a garbage war where they tried to fill more bags full of garbage. We have 5 trash bags full of dirt, poo, dust, old food (from pantry and fridge) broken toys, random hair and fur balls, Our house is so clean I would actually have people over!

Crash even said "Honey I understand because of you being sick that just because you stay home all day doesn't mean on top of cleaning cat boxes, putting away clean laundry, cleaning the shower, walking the dog, and cooking all my meals and everyone else in the house, that you couldn't possibly clean it too, and I should help on my days off.

*Thud* me hit floor.

Everything I had asked him to help me with from flipping the dogs linens, lining the futon with our new liner that I made, vacuuming, taking out trash, and organizing and setting up the bedroom with a play station, TV, and VCR (for when I am forced to stay in bed because of being sick)we even got a front window winterproofed and cleaned out our corner of the basement for my scooter, the lawn mower, our grill and Geo's menagerie of camping equipment.

Now I am hit with the sickness, which I am totally not down with I might add.

I have a few more windows to winter proof and want to super winter proof the bedroom.because before it was one of the coldest rooms in the house. I am going to buy quilt batting and put it on cardboard and put it in the windows, then I am going to shrink wrap outside that and then put up heavier curtains.

I was so cold in the bedroom just now I had to get up, have some warm tea and sit in front of a space heater.

That is Frog Crap!

So in 10 days I am going to minnesota to have thanksgiving with my family. My nana already says "Oh good that means you can cook it!"

See, being the chef/cook in the family is hell especially because I am vegan.

So now I am looking up recipes online for Turkey and also researching how to get one already cooked.

I have to feed a family of 10 and they think its going to be from scratch after I scrape myself off a plane, they are on drugs!

I am thinking, Frozen potatoes that I just have to mash, precooked frozen yams, premade pecan and pumpkin pie, grands biscuits (hello an exploding container, its a win win!),and salad mix,Frozen corn,cranberry sauce from a can and then I just have to worry about the turkey and that's what my MP3 player is for. Oh and the piece de resistance: Store bought stuffing not in a turkeys behind.

For me? tofurkey premade turkey slices in "oven roasted" and all the sides.

I actually saw a great recipe for a turkey you rub with butter and maple syrup then stuff with oranges that you pierced with a fork, then just throw it in an oven bag and it self marinates!

Hey, you cook for 10 people and tell me to make everything from scratch!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fuze, Muse, Nausea and Vomiting

Plus side: I finished my very firs Cabled beanie or Crash! He likes it a lot and now that I know how to make Cables I am going to try to do it more often.

The next thing I work on will be my sisters cowl.

Its mindless knitting perfect for a plane trip. Which I am going on NOvember 24th to Dec 3. Must remember to pack knitting needles.

My new Sansa Fuze MP3 player replacement finally got here! I am now loaded up with music and learning how to put videos on it. Soon I will be able to have audiobooks on it to listen to when I am on the airplane knitting! What WILL I listen to first!?

It could not have come at a better time as I have had to go to the hospital on more than one occasion recently and having an MP3 player took my mind off how much pain I was in and the FIVE HOUR wait.

I was in the hospital for uncontrolled vomiting and headpain again. Which I am experiencing on a lower lever tonight but I have home drugs that I have been forcing and drinking Smart Water like a fish.

Weird symptom, my upper thighs and hips have been extremely painful and burning it feels like it radiates down from my back. I actually fell to my knees getting up this morning because it hurt so bad.

I think soon I will have to go lie down. Maybe I did too much yesterday?

Crash is feeling really stressed because I keep getting sicker. I feel stressed because whenever I start feeling better and think "Now I will get a job!" something else comes up and I can't even find the energy to apply online.

Today I applied for three jobs, now I am absolutely barely able to keep from hucking up tater tots.

OK. Enough computer. I need to lie down. THe bed calls,


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Seriously, you a-holes better have voted

I am so sick of people complaining about having no control over the government and then when I say "Did you vote?" they say "No it didn't matter"

Hell yes it matters! Even in principle if we are all voting for the same guy and we all talk to each other and everyone says "Hey I voted for him too" but he doesn't win we know that there is a wolf in the hen house and can raise flags.

Apathy is no excuse for not exercising a right that many people fought for us to be able to exercise.

Besides, apparently you can get 20% off your favorite naughty toy at babeland if you were good and voted!

Sex toys for your vote. God Bless America.

Or Coffee at Starbucks, or a doughnut at Krispy Kreme. But I personally love the idea of a free naughty for voting.