Saturday, August 17, 2013

Balcony Gardening experiment round 2

So this year I tried growing more veggies.  I gre Pattypan squash (fail) Cukes (meh) carrots (good!) Daikon (really good) beans (good) tomatoes (good, but took a long time, next time starting earlier and using different genome seed) and other plants; Nasturtiums, purslane, basil, garlic (not so good) Lettuce (great!) Arugula (great) marigolds (Prolific and lovely) New Guinea Impatiens (good but need too much water) and a variety of succulents and air plants (which did so well I now have three jade plants instead of one!)

Next year I think I am going to loose the squash, begonia and the cukes.  In theory they are great plants but the watering needs are too much for this not able to haul water cripple!

I did learn beans and marigolds do REALLY well together.  Chard is pretty and very edible (and takes a lot less soil and water than I was giving them.  Daikon works well but does require water every day... and basil and leaf lettuces are so easy I should grow them year round.

So year 2 season is coming to a close and soon it will be time to plant some mums on the porch and compost the plants after I gather some seeds.

Year three I am hoping lavender, mint, parsley, and oregano to take the place of the squash, cukes, and begonias.