Friday, February 22, 2008

Hair, why can't I knit hair...

Because I seem to have a lot lately;


This is a pic of it...Crash says he thinks it goes to my waist...


Craftwise I have finally made my Pagoda Style Bird feeder:


My plague seems to be getting better nurses Ani L. and Billy J. were on my case telling me to go to bed...



Uh Oh Daddy is coming! He will see you out of bed and be PISSED!



Thursday, February 21, 2008

Taking a break for the Tychus

Found a hat on knitty that I need/want.

I am actually going to make a white hat. For me. Stupid? Maybe... but I need a quick knit.


Hamburgler and Sorcha

"Great news everyone!" Professor Farnsworth- Futurama

Indeed, we have got great news. Hamburgler and Sorcha our foster kitties whom were feral siblings are being adopted!

This woman who is adopting them wants semi-indoor cats who are good mousers and easy on the eye.

Sorcha and Hammie are both blue grey pewter cats who are always cuddling and nuzzling each other.

So not only are they going to be in a forever home but they are going to get to stay together!

More news: Our Cat Sammie is being spayed and shaved today. I will have to get pictures. She is going to look like a bald badger.

She was hell to get out of under the bed and into the damn carrier. Crash was no help. He kept getting her cornered and then being too afraid to pick her up.

Finally A and I kicked him out of the room and I threw a blanket over her and threw her in the carrier.

The entire time Crash is trying to reason with her and talk her into the carrier. A and I took over with such surety and finesse he said "Wow you guys should do that for a living!"

A turned around smiling and said "We do, we just don't get paid"

That sums up animal rescue all right.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Plague Knitting

First Dropped Stitch, By george I think I've Clapoitis'd!



D's Knitted Hat now each house head has a hat.


And my nurses who are helping me fight the plague:


To be fair I paid them by getting them high:


The working conditions are fair, off to knit or literally die.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Clapotis. Begin Again

I am starting the Clapotis. I bought my yarn at Yarntopia at ebay.

I highly recommend going there she is WONDERFUL.

I bought the Canturbury DK weight Un-merchanized cotton.

I need to use lotion while knitting it but its totally worth it and I can't WAIT for it to start unraveling.

I wonder WHEN that will happen...

I'll keep you posted.

Kitty in a baskeeeet!

Kitty in a picnic basket


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hat for Daddy

Because he needed a hat to be "faux hair" because he has a bald head.

I knitted it using Filatura di Crosa Black virgin lambswool in DK weight.


He loves it and frequently wears it to bed.


I need to find a new knitting project...

LHC is still down. I am going through serious withdrawal!

Billy has been keeping Mama company during the ongoing migraines and freak morning fevers:


And of course Ani is Nurse Ani and she got in on the snuggle action:


It was so cold here yesterday EVERYTHING was closed, but our work decided to stay open (Good times...) and I was the only one there...


I am so Hardcore.

I was polishing my Chakte Kok Wood plugs when my spastic nephew knocked one out of my hands and down the heat vent. This was after I'd told him about 100 times to sit down and stop twirling near me when I was working with small objects.

So 30 bucks down the drain and I get a "Oops...sorry" from him and a "Boys will be boys!" from his mother.

I am trying not to kill him, or her, because the next thing out of her mouth was "Can you babysit tomorrow night?"

My doctor says I need to lower my BP, but working 6 days a week, babysitting 2 nights a week, and cleaning while My sister and my fiance both are unemployed at the moment.

I am a little tweaked.

Oh yeah, I need a vacation.