Monday, February 21, 2011

Government spending and Budget Crisis

So now I learn they are going to try to cut Americorps.

Also they are going to cut PBS and NPR:

Heating assistance for the disabled and elderly:

Which could means 3 million families that can't pay the outrageous Niagara Mohawk bill would be left without heat.

Also Environmental Protection Agency would see its budget cut by a third.

I could go on, but I won't. Here is the basic idea that I am kicking around. The average high placed senator, governor, and congressman make $70,000 to 250,000 a year. If each state governor took a 1% pay reduction we would instantly have $65,790 JUST FROM A GOVERNOR SALARY CUT.

Congress Rank-and-File Members:
The current salary (2011) for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $174,000 per year.

Senate Leadership
Majority Party Leader - $193,400
Minority Party Leader - $193,400

House Leadership
Speaker of the House - $223,500
Majority Leader - $193,400
Minority Leader - $193,400

So how much is that?

In the US there are 100 senators and 435 members of the House of Representatives.

Now to another idea. How about government spending on the military?

We spend billions of dollars on sending troops overseas and Military Readiness.

However many Military personnel don't make enough money to support their families, and rely on government programs for food and heat.

This has long been a peeve of mine, to ask military personnel and their families to risk life be away from family and not even pay them a living wage.

However we are at the forefront in spending for advanced weaponry, aircraft, and assault vehicle science. To make a small point U.S. military spending – Dept. of Defense plus nuclear weapons (in $billions) – is equal to the military spending of the next 15 countries combined. (Incl. The China, Russia, Britain, Japan, Germany, France and others)

So as quick as we are to cut money, its an idea to ask those so willing to cut out funding to take a look at where a majority of our spending goes.

If you are not willing to take a budget cut personally, should you be able to cut budgets to those who need the money most?

Just a thought.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hydro-Aqua Running/Jogging workout examples

Aqua Running Workouts:

1. Steady-state: 10 minute warm-up, then aqua jog five to ten minutes steady at 75-80% effort. This can be repeated three to four times with one minute of easy jogging between each.

2. Tempo: 10 minute warm-up, then do 5 x 1 minute at 80-85% effort with 30 seconds of easy jogging between each. Then do 4 X 2 minutes at the same effort with 30 seconds of easy jogging between each five times. Finally, a last set of 3 X 3 minutes each at 80-85% effort with 30 seconds of easy jogging between each.

3. Intervals: warm-up 10 minutes then try intervals of 10 X 2 minutes at 85% effort or 5 X 4 minutes at 75% effort. These should be followed by easy jogging of equal recovery.

4. Strength: To build running strength, add a pair of shoes. Use either a clean old pair or footwear made specifically for the water . Shoes provide more resistance. An elastic/tether cord (aqua hitch) can also be attached to both the back of the flotation belt and pool to add more resistance or when space is limited. This tether increases resistance by pulling you back as you attempt to advance forward. There are also aqua-specific hand weights on the market that can be used for additional resistance.

5. Drills: Use a variety of range of motion drills to increase your flexibility and stride length on land. Try running with a longer stride, higher knees, and play around with stride rate (how fast or slow your legs go).

Note: There is nothing in here about temperature control. Pool temps vary. Also if I run in a lake/river I am going to be FREEZING.

Invest in a good Thermal layer/Rash Guard. Even think about a neoprene swim vest.

In the AM my pool is always so warm I am sweating and stopping frequently to wipe my face. But in the PM the pool is almost always cold as they begin shutting down for the evening.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hydro-running/Aqua Jogging

This cripples answer to hating swimming but missing running like a son of a b*tch!

I have been HYdro-Running/Aqua Jogging for two weeks and MAN. It is AWESOME!

I wish I had a running buddy and I wish that my nail polish didn't disintegrate in the pool.

Oh and I really need a new suit. My suit is like...Inappropriate. My breasicles are ready to pop out and expose.

Suit shopping will have to be done whether I want to or not.

Its February shouldn't they be on clearance now having gone one sale the day after Christmas?


Sunday, February 06, 2011

Cardio Workout log

Keeping tabs of my workouts for this month.

Topiary awesomeness and Bass Lake Memories

Now I want to have a rosemary bush shaped like this. This is just the kewlest looking topiary ever.

Its a plant skeleton!


Plus, I have fond memories of hiking this trail on Bass Lake in Ely, Minnesota with my cousins and my Uncle Mike and its the same trail my uncle passed away on. Sad but I couldn't imagine a prettier place to pass away with my dog guarding me and never leaving my side.

You're a good girl Mantis.


The waterfall at the end where you can take your boots off and cool your aching feet!



Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Beach Bum Workout: Legs

This KILLED my legs. In a good way. Worked off my PB and Jelly sammich.