Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Native Earthlings Lake Onondaga is ALL our problem

Can I prefice this by saying I am fed up with my fellow Native American Relatives?

Here in Onondaga County the Onondaga are voicing protest and garnering forces to try to get the VERY polluted Lake Onondaga to be cleaned up.

Right now it has the capacity to make three eyed fish.

They rally and make fuss and when it is meeting time a lone indian walks up to confront the people who polluted the lake in the first place.

So WHY is it that when it was about complaining the entire reservation and its allies got in on the "Hey ho lets go!" mentality but when our "chief" needs support we are too tired, too busy or just plain don't want to get our butts off the reservation?

Your missing the point fellow earthlings. Its not about Native Americans or non- native Americans. Although setting an example by showing up in force would be great! Its about correcting a huge mistake that is literally killing the very land we rely on to sustain us.

It is not a ripple it is a wave and we stand in its path sand-baggless pointing at one group or another waiting for one to start the action of protecting us from the tidal wave created before us.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Complaining to Complain

I am at my ropes end. I keep hearing everyone around me kvetching and complaining about how hard life is, how unfair people are, how stupid things are, how unjust the world is...

Lucky people.

People whose lives have not been touched by famine, by unbelievable loss, by things that would crush other people. These complaints range from a kitten crying to other people complaining about silly procedure.

The point?

I can't take anymore of the stress of other people venting.

How does one listen to it?