Sunday, August 31, 2008

Unwed and unemployed

It has been a full 30 days of being unemployed now and I am seriously feeling like the worlds largest loser.

Had it not been for a loan from my sister, a loan from my parents, and selling two articles to a ghostwriter I would not have paid rent and utilities and afforded dog and cat food.

The Freemont strip story is still not written with 30 days unemployed because I have been playing medicaid/disability roulette.

The doctors took another image of my spine and said "Work while you can, which won't be long!"


In more interesting news one of the clinical doctors here wants to study me for a case. He has not seen people with SYringomyelia so young so he wants to do a study. Hopefully it will cover my meds.

I just want a part time job so that I can help with bills I feel like such a loser.

So far the only thing I have been doing is child wrangling and cooking meals.

I actually had to go to the food give away and pick up some stuff for our house.

THrough it all I am trying to stay positive but when one is in pain and eating crappy 24/7 and worried about bills it is hard to think about "Be positive"

I could always have to live in a cardboard box somewhere. That would be worse.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pole Position? Olympics 2008

Every year my Grandmother and I would watch the Olympics when they were on. Swimming, Gymnastics, Track and Field during the summer then Skating, Skiing, and in later snowboarding.

But now its the later years that somewhat drive me a little crazy.

First there is the "Dream Team" We make a basketball team that is so good, the best money can pay for, that beats every other team because we can pull NBA players to play basketball.

Then suddenly we start adding sports to Olympic games. I like Snowboarding, Diving from higher and higher platforms, tae kwon do and Karate both being added.

Fencing, AWESOME its a physically demanding sport, even freaking ping pong that I saw in Thailand looked crazy.

Then I saw Curling, Water Polo, Rhythmic Gymnastics,Archery,Badminton,and Synchronized Diving.

Even The Luuje, as in Jumping in a sled and riding down a hill of ice.

When Did this become something that was as difficult or rated on the scale of sport as a 100 meter dash, leaping off a balance beam, or swimming to beat others to the other end of the pool?

Then again, as a retired competitor of fencing, karate, and firefighting myself I can appreciate that the most medals won this year were not in fact won by anyone in sychronized diving, not in water polo and not even in badminton which I myself enjoyed in high school gym class.

They were 8 medals won in swimming. Something I was never good at, something Micheal Phelps spent hours in a pool practicing, training, and sacrificing for.

So maybe the fact that there are all these other "sports" out there for people to participate in isn't so important as long as there are committed athletes willing to take risks and train hard to try to compete in the classic events that made the Olympics worth watching again.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Itchy and Scratchy Show

It wasn't what I thought it was. I woke up again for the fifth night in a row with my left side itching like hell. My wounds were itching like crazy but more my ribs and back were itching!

I finally called a truce and went in to see my doctor and he took some x-rays.

Turns out when I took a tumble from the scootie puff junior I broke my left ankle again ( too late to cast again and like the millionth time anyhow) my left wrist, dislocated and then snapped back in my shoulder and apparently cracked a rib.

So the reason I was itching so bad was that I am healing. Holy High pain tolerance batman! I rule!

I rewarded myself for being such a badazz by going on a very slow scooter ride while Crash and Jeci were out at the Hardware store only to come home to find Little "D" ratting me out to my sister.


I wouldn't talk to the kid for like an hour. What a turn coat, the first time I catch his drinking underage or sneaking out payback is a b*tch.

He promised not to tell Crash and Jeci has the memory of a Goldfish but still.

I am jobless not on Lock down.

OK. I have 30 minutes before its time for Kane and I to go to bed and I still need to shower and give Kane a Bath.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

What gets you through it?

31 years old.

I spent it cooking, cleaning and trying to ignore my aching left side covered in road rash.

the serious scrapes are getting better but I am in no shape to go to work this weekend so I was told by my part time job that I have been taken off the schedule for the rest of the month.

This helps money matters considerably! Pun intended.

So I told my future sister in law that I am going to go to school to become a counselor and she said "How can you do that, won't you internalize everything?!"

I thought about it and said "Nope."

She asked me how I couldn't and I said "Its all about what gets you through it."

I mean I am pretty crippled, and got into a scooter accident and got layed off and then fired for having a freaking scooter accident. Things are not good. But things could really be worse. Seriously they could!

We have enough cat food in the house, my sister won't let us starve because she freakin owes us, our rent is paid for this month. I will worry about the other bills as they come.

If I have to go off pain meds and go to the emergency room to get them then thats what I have to do.

Things have a way of working out, lifes crazy that way.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Scootie Puff Jr. Bucks the Rider

So I was about to take Jeci to the doctor when Chris gets my scooter running again and wants me to take a quick test drive.

Eager to test it out I take off entirely too fast and wipe out accross the street in the neighbors driveway.

I slid for about 5 feet with the scooter on top of me then stopped to which I hear "Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit HUNNY! are you ok?! shit shit shit shit shit shit shit!!!" from Chris running out after me.

our neighbor heard the crash and came running out,as did his wife the nurse.

I was completely conscious and trying to get up but was pinned saying "I'm fine!"

I had road rash down my left side and a rock wedged in my left wrist and my helmet was scratched up, as was my scooter and I was bleeding from several places but felt fine.

So Jeci took me with her to the doctor and he took one look at my pupils and sent me to urgent care for x-rays.

I was mildly concussed (but so was she and she lost consciousness on friday from being ran over by a bunch of idiots with sticks. Look up Society for Creative Anachronism and Pensic War.)

I have a sprained foot, and shoulder, two sprained fingers, and lots of tiny cuts and abrasions. The nurse next door came with me to prompt care and told them to use betadine on my cuts to teach me a lesson and they did.

Let me tell you, shit hurts like a mother!

Chris was already talking about selling Scootie Puff but I said "No, absolutely not."

I have learned my lesson about taking off too fast and I am getting right back on once I feel better and taking a scooter safety class from my other scooter riding friends.

He hesitantly agreed until my friend Curt who rides motorcycles came over and said he would personally teach me and he teaches motor cycle safety seminars.

I checked on Scootie puff today and she started right up and sounded fine, I think there might be some damage to the back wheel, I am going to have to take her apart and take a look. Its a good think I am unemployed right now!

In other news Jeci got fired today.

She came home and said "Good news I am here to take care of you!" I kinda peered up at her like "wah?"

And she told me she had been fired.

GREAT. Two unemployed people in the house.

If our luck keeps running this well we will be living in a cardboard box by September!


Sunday, August 10, 2008

A constant state of disarray

I am covered in dog, cat, hair, puke, and what I hope and will for my mental safety assume us cat dried cat litter.

I am finally able to sit down after a day of cleaning up after the 5 minions, the Citizen Kayne the Canine. And of course Jeci my sisters three cats, and my fours masters of feline destruction.

Crash managed to get some computer programs downloaded and help me walk the dog (insert stabbing motion here)

I managed to clean the yard, the animals, the refrigerator, stock the pantry and roll out dinner for 4 thinking Matt was leaving (Jeci's BF) and that the Boyz were coming home. NOT the case.

So tomorrow I have time to apply to the coop, apply for school (going back to school to become a counselor) as well as hopefully clean some more.

I had to separate the boy cats from the girls because they are becoming fractious.

I heard constant screaming and crying and there is a TINY girl cat that needs to grow a little and not be picked on. Plus I am hoping the Mama cat Allie will let her nurse some more.

I realize that I need to throw Vegas pictures up here but I was unaware that my house was DESTROYED while I was gone and thus I need to do a laundromat run and some serious house and yard work before I will have time for sitting at a computer.

x's and O's


Saturday, August 09, 2008

City of the lost

Back from Las Vegas. Went to an art show or three while I was there and was privledged enough to tour a printing factory and stay with two animation artist. They say starving artists they are NOT KIDDING.

I spend a good 500.00 of money that was given to me for a posh hotel room and spent it on art, food and clothing for artists that I befriended or whom were long time friends of mine and I don't regret a SINGLE PENNEY.

I have two more foster kittens. A tiny calico who is very skittish who we call Penney Lane and a marbleized cat whom has no name yet.

Really the kitten has no personality to speak of as of yet. Maybe we should call him Stan.

Allie the mama cat is turning out to be quite a little lover. She enjoys sitting in your lap, looking out the window, and eating.

Avery is a devil. He enjoys playing,eating a crap and a nap.

Maddie is still quite shy, tolerates being picked up after a chase, tolerates petting but is afraid, and needs to be socialized.

Avery needs to get neutered and then he will be ready for adoption.

He and Mama are both adoption ready and Avery especially needs more room to run around and destroy, erm I mean explore things.

Job front I have applied for part time work at Barnes and Nobles, Wegmans (shudder) and again at St. Joseph hospital.

I am also looking at going back to school to be a counselor and working part time at the college would really help me out. So I am going to apply to be a temp there.

Avery is in my socks throwing them on the floor so I must end this entry.

More on Vegas with slut pictures and madness later, ah there goes my underwear drawer.. later kids.