Monday, January 22, 2007

Henna day

SO I mixed up my batch of Henna. I got the same Dark brown Henna from my local Indian Grocery, mixed in 2 oz of AMLA powder, squirted in Lime juice, added gelatin, Lavendar and patchouli and mixed with Hot Coffee and then let sit on a heating pad for 45 minutes.

I applied the goop to my hair and took a three hour nap. Woke up, rinsed it out using kiwi lime squeeze conditioner and then let it air dry.

I have been having a terribly itchy scalp lately and so yesterday I made a brown sugar and conditioner scrub and applied it liberally to my scalp.

Then rinsed my hair well and braided it damp and fell asleep.

Woke this morning with soft (even a little greasy) hair. Not sure as to why but I may have to do a vinegar rinse tonight. I don't usually wash my hair for 5 days after henna but this time I may have added more AMLA than neccesary and thus dried my scalp.

I made sure that I had not washed my hair for 5 days previous to applying the henna so that should have given me enough scalp protecting oils.

Maybe I will perform a coconut/lime soak...

I'll have to ask my friend Kiya for the recipe. I am way bummed LHC is offline along with the Beauty Bottle! I hope the hackers didn't get to it again.

Well. Peace and good hair days!


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Quaternium/Simethicone-Dimethicone FREE Conditioners


Most mainstream and many “natural” conditioners rely on quaternary compounds to produce thicker, tangle-free silky hair. These compounds - benzalkonium chloride, cetrimonium bromide, quaternium 15, quaternium 18 - can be irritating to eyes and skin. Other ingredients to avoid: carcinogenic coal tar colours (FC&C), propylene glycol, cinnamate sunscreens, and polysorbate 80 that may be contaminated with 1,4-dioxane, a carcinogen.

Best Natural

Anointment - Herbal Hair Rinses (a Halifax company. Sold at P’Lovers.)
Botanical Therapeutic - Conditioner
Aubrey Organics - Island Naturals Conditioner; Blue Green Algae Cream Rinse; Blue Green Algae Hair Rescue Conditioning Mask; GPB Hair Conditioner; Green Tea Herbal Cream Rinse; Rosemary and Sage Hair and Scalp Rinse.
Curelle- Treslite Conditioner, Riche Conditioner (both unscented)
Curelle - Build-up Remover
Druide- Ecological Conditioner
Nature’s Blends - organic conditioner
Nature Clean - Organic Conditioner
Weleda - Aloe Phyto Conditioner; Calendula Phyto Conditioner; Chamomile Phyto Conditioner; Chestnut Phyto Conditioner; Henna Phyto Conditioner; Lemon Balm Phyto Conditioner; Rosemary Phyto Conditioner

Best Commercial Conditioners:
Hesh Herbal AMLA Powder
Jason Organics
White Rain
Revlon Flex


Atlantic Healing Hemp Delicious Apple Conditioner, Seawinds Conditioner
Beauty Without Cruelty
Desert Essence - Jojoba Conditioner
Earth Science - Pure Essentials
Earth Science Fragrance Free Conditioner
Healthy Times
Herbal Glow
Infinity - Rosemary or Chamomile Conditioning Rinse
Magick Botanicals - Oil Free Conditioner, Conditioner for Thinning Hair (both fragrance free)
Nature’s Gate

Ragdoll Ani

I read this after seeing a picture that looked exactly like Ani my girl kitty. We call her the poofy, not-so-smart killer whale beached on the floor because of her tendency to go limp.

But I was speechless when I read this it was like they were describing her:

"If you want a large cat which is non-aggressive, loves to be with people, and is very placid, and often becomes enamoured with inanimate objects, then the rag doll is the cat for you.

Ragdolls are large, heavy cats, with broad chests and large hindquarters. They are slow-maturing, and do not reach full maturity until approximately three years of age. Females are smaller than males, weighing about 10-15 pounds on average. Males weigh an average of 12-20 pounds as adults, although some may grow to be larger.

Their medium-long coats and bushy tails have a soft texture that feels like rabbit fur. In general, Ragdolls have longer fur around the neck (a "ruff") and on the back of the hindquarters (sometimes referred to as "britches"). The fur does not tend to mat, and is easily combed. It does, however, require occasional grooming.

Ragdolls (as their name implies) are extremely "laid-back," docile, non-aggressive cats. They tend to relax when held. They are said to possess a non-fighting instinct, which means that if attacked, they do not defend themselves. They are very "people" oriented and love to be around others, which often finds them greeting guests and/or following their owners around in a fashion similar to a puppy. They are often quite an attraction in a show ring because of their docile dispositions and acceptance of the judge placing them on their backs, holding them like a baby, etc.

In general, Ragdolls are not extremely vocal, but they do voice their opinions concerning certain things (such as at mealtime!). Ragdolls are generally placid cats, but they do love to play with all types of toys and like to be involved in whatever "action" is going on."

Ragdolls are pointed cats. Like other pointed breeds such as the Himalayan and Siamese, Ragdoll kittens are born all white and slowly develop color. The color continues to deepen as the cat ages."

Monday, January 08, 2007

Vegan Deep Conditioning for ravaged hair

AMLA Deep Conditioning Treatment Mask:
1 cup White Rain Citrus Energizing Conditioner (cone/quat free)
1/2 cup AMLA powder (available at from nature with love or any Indian grocery)
3 TBSP aloe gel

Tropical Island Deep Conditioning mask:
1 avocado
Coconut milk (enough to make a paste)

Peel and pit avocado. Mash avocado and slowly add coconut milk until smooth and the consistency of hair conditioner. Work through ends of hair towards the roots.
Rinse after 15 minutes and shampoo.

Jojoba Hope Oil Treatment:
2 teaspoons jojoba oil
1 teaspoon soybean oil (I find Olive oil works well for course and coconut for dry)

Combine ingredients then warm gently on low heat. Test temperature on inside of forearm. Massage mixture into hair.Wrap hair in a hot towel or cover with shower cap or plastic wrap for 15 minutes. Shampoo & rinse out. Reciped may be doubled for very long hair.

Keen's FAVORITE Dry scalp remedy!:

Ginger Treatment

Ginger root (Freshly grated, about 2 inches)
1 teaspoon sesame oil
1 teaspoon lemon juice

Squeeze ginger root through press to obtain one tablespoon of juice. Mix all ingredients. Apply to scalp and let dry before shampooing. Repeat three times a week. This not only smells divine but helps dry hair in the winter not to become itchy!

quaternium-15 and other Hair hazards

I can't believe that I actually put this stuff in my conditioner! THis is gross gross gross.

This stuff can cause contact dermatitis in persons who have sensitive skin. I found out the hard way that my conditioner has quaternium-15.
These are quaternium-15, hydantoin, AND Diazolidinyl urea. All which would explain WHY my scalp is an itchy mess! Today when I go to the Grocery store I am going to get some natural conditiner without "quats", "cones" or other "urea" or formeldahyde substances!

Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives to avoid:
  • Imidazolidinyl urea (Germall®)
  • Diazolidinyl urea (Germall II®)
  • DMDM hydantoin (Glydant®)
  • Bromonitropropane diol (Bronopol™)
  • Tris (hydroxymethyl) nitromethane (Tris Nitro®)
Products containing quaternium-15
Cosmetics Self-hygiene/pharmaceutical products Commercial/industrial products
  • Foundations, powders, concealers
  • Eye makeup (liners, shadows, mascara)
  • Facial makeup (blushes)
  • Bronzes
  • Makeup removers
  • Adhesives
  • Floor wax and polish
  • Paper and paperboard
  • Water-based inks
  • Latex paints
  • Industrial cutting fluid
  • Laundry starch
  • Joint cement
  • Printing pastes

Friday, January 05, 2007

Spaying and Neutering is the ultimate Kindness

What do "spay" and "neuter" really mean?

Female dogs and cats are spayed by removing their reproductive organs, and male dogs and cats are neutered by removing their testicles. In both cases the operation is performed while the pet is under anesthesia. Depending on your pet's age, size, and health, he or she will stay at your veterinarian's office for a few hours or a few days. Depending upon the procedure, your pet may need stitches removed after a few days. Your veterinarian can fully explain spay and neuter procedures to you and discuss with you the best age at which to sterilize your pet.

Spaying or Neutering Is Good for Your Pet

  • Spaying and neutering helps dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives.
  • Spaying and neutering can eliminate or reduce the incidence of a number of health problems that can be very difficult or expensive to treat.
  • Spaying eliminates the possibility of uterine or ovarian cancer and greatly reduces the incidence of breast cancer, particularly when your pet is spayed before her first estrous cycle.
  • Neutering eliminates testicular cancer and decreases the incidence of prostate disease.

Spaying or Neutering Is Good for You

  • Spaying and neutering makes pets better, more affectionate companions.
  • Neutering cats makes them less likely to spray and mark territory.
  • Spaying a dog or cat eliminates her heat cycle. Estrus lasts an average of six to 12 days, often twice a year, in dogs and an average of six to seven days, three or more times a year, in cats. Females in heat can cry incessantly, show nervous behavior, and attract unwanted male animals.
  • Unsterilized animals often exhibit more behavior and temperament problems than do those who have been spayed or neutered.
  • Spaying and neutering can make pets less likely to bite.
  • Neutering makes pets less likely to roam the neighborhood, run away, or get into fights.

Spaying and Neutering Are Good for the Community

  • Communities spend millions of dollars to control unwanted animals.
  • Irresponsible breeding contributes to the problem of dog bites and attacks.
  • Animal shelters are overburdened with surplus animals.
  • Stray pets and homeless animals get into trash containers, defecate in public areas or on private lawns, and frighten or anger people who have no understanding of their misery or needs.
  • Some stray animals also scare away or kill birds and wildlife.

Why the "rogue" writings

Someone asked me why I chose the name "Rogue Writer" Actually its because like most things in my life I seem to be pretty good at things quickly but I excel in nothing.

I am an awesome fake. I take on challenges, am lucky and then quit.

I learned to bike, entered a mountain bike challenge, one 2nd place and retired.

I learned Karate, entered a weapons tournament, won 1st place and retired.

I painted for a class, was chosen as a 1st place winner nationally, gave the painting to my mother and didn't paint anymore.

I learned to fence, beat my instructor at a dual one day, gave my foil away and never fenced again...

Honestly it isn't bragging because it is really quite depressing. It seems every craft I tried, every game I played it was one extreme or another. I either sucked horribly at it or was terribly good at it and became disenchanted.

Thus far I have done everything from:

Working with wolves
Sleeping in a monestary
Traveling to Korea over a long weekend
Bonding with elephants
Touched thousand year old art objects
Met world famous writers
Had lunch with Nobel Peace reciepients
Learned to throw axes
Fenced against Kings
Ate dinner with Opera Prima Donas
Met famous poets
Taught myself to hook rugs
Walked with presidents
Shared Jokes with governers
Saved Feral Kittens who would come to no one else
Saved Dogs and sat with them when they died
Was Sponsored by Mountain Bike Company to race
Taught myself to knit
Was sponsered by a hair care team to perform in Karate Tournament
Was the only female in an all male volunteer fire department
Was the first female in a small professional fire dept
Performed a 20 second keg stand unassisted
Was the youngest female in a yet another fire dept
Am one of the oldest persons sufferinfg from Syringomyelia to still be walking without assistance and not taking Opiates for pain.
Was the first Bi-Racial person adopted by three Native American Tribes
Learned to shop lift
Taught myself to write a grant
Learned German, Swahili, and Afrikaans by myself after struggling to learn Spanish
Taught myself to crochet
Became a all star rugby player
Had an article published in the newspaper
Hand another published in a few magazines
Had pictures published in both periodicals
Was in the news on hundreds of occasions
Spoke at lectures, conferences, and rallies accross the world.
Met a kitten who could give a rats ass about any of the above shit. . .
Thats right. Spam didn't give a shit. She could care less about the above and yet to be discovered talents. She cared about Food, warmth, water and her place in a pack. She didn't trust anyone, she was mean, aggressive and stubborn. Instead of giving her away or putting her to sleep she became my newest friend.
Spam taught me that above all else that I tried and enjoyed the one thing that filled me and gave me a sense of purpose was my ability to "get through" to animals. Somehow their actions made complete sense to me and I could understand even the strangest of behaviours.
So now Spam is my friend. I am not her owner and she is not my cat. She shares space with me and each morning we commune so that I can scratch her ears and look into her golden eyes and she can learn to accept affection.

I am working on enhancing my photographic memory, because I keep seeing things when I pet Spam and other animals. don't know why but I want to be able to remember them. I am trying think of ways to emphasize to people the importance of being vegan and taking care of the earth and its creatures. I think that the reason I was good at all these things was to prepare me for this.

It is the hardest thing I have even done. Being Vegan and Working to Save animals. It doesn't come naturally because too many other people don't care, or are offensive just because of my diet choices. It helps that I can relate to them on other levels. But the point of this article is this. I am a rogue because I never know what I am going to have to do. I have to be able to be at least passable at things in order to help those without voices. The work involved including meditation, reading, time, patience, and kindness are skilled that cannot be stolen through luck or touch.

This is why I am called the Rogue. And I write so that if my photographic memory fails me, I have something else to jog my mind.

Vegan Hair and Skin Tips from India

Shinier Hair:
Half an hour before washing your hair, rub coconut milk onto your scalp. This will also make your hair shinier.

Natural Hair Shine Booster:
At night before going to sleep, give your hair a hundred strokes with a brush. This increases the blood circulation in the scalp and promotes hair growth. However brush your hair GENTLY!

Olive Oil the natural Hot Oil Treatment:
Heat olive oil and massage into hair and then take steam. By doing this regularly you will get rid of split-ends.

Coconut the magic fruit:
Using coconut oil in sauteed veggies, stirred into rice, or even to pop popcorn only 2 tablespoons a week helps the scalp and the skin to glow and be clear of blemishes and grime.

Pimple Fighter:
This is a recipe I happened to find by accident. I saw lemon peel powder when buying my henna and amla and bought some. I found out adding it to my conditioner only washes helped to clarify my scalp. I then used it with glycerin and rosewater on my face which was breaking out as a mask and it cleared up a nasty blemish in a few days! This stuff is amazing but fair warning do NOT get this in your eyes, holy sting.
Oh FYI Key Lime Juice works really well and smells divine but be sure to be aware that it can be pricey for the authentic thing.

Potatoes: Who knew they were so versatile?
To remove dark circles around your eyes, apply the juice of potatoe everyday. Also for hemerhiods that are painful a potato poutice or rounded sliver applied to the affected area helps to stop bleeding and heal the tear. In fact potatos are natural vasoconstrictors, and its a lot less embarressing to buy a pound of potatoes vs. "hemorhoid ointment"