Monday, March 17, 2014

End of days..."my weekend"

So since purchasing a new car (and then having pretty new car involved in a hit and run) I have gone from working 18 hours a week (happy doctor) to 27 hours a week (not happy doctor)

My schedule is as follows:

Thursday 8:30AM-12:30PM
Friday:  8:30AM-12:30PM
             2PM-3PM: Clean 40 gallon fish tank for another client from 4:30-6PM Laundry. 
             7PM-Midnight: Babysit occasionally.
Saturday: 8:30AM to 9:30AM Farmers Market/grocery/meat run. 
               10AM-3PM work with client.
               5PM-10PM take client to workout, do clients laundry, make him dinner.
Sunday:   2PM-10PM Take client for workout, Help client overhaul ENTIRE HOUSE, make menu for the week and grocery list, and make his lunch for the following day.

Which means Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I have "off" for cleaning my own house, getting to doctor appointments, or getting to other appointments.

I am busy.  and being Immuno Suppressed and having a neurological disease that means I am possibly weak and hurting on a scale of 2-10 every day means I have to pace myself.  So today when a relative I normally try NOT to talk to decides to call me and lecture me because I posted that I was taking it easy today...I kinda snapped. This same relative taught me everything I had to unlearn about body dimorphism, shaming myself for being hungry, shaming myself for eating ANYTHING with calories in it, they are the main reason I can't eat in front of people, they are one of the main reasons that I used to perform and compete on injuries (like broken bones) and why I have permanently fucked up my bones and ligaments to the point where YOGA is a challenge.  So when they decide to "tease" me for being lazy and lecture me to "Use my time to tidy up my house for my husband" I kinda felt like punching a koala.  Just blatant, uncontrollable misplaced rage.

I work, and when I work, I work HARD.  As RuPaul says "I ain't got time for no half steppin!"

So when I am on my day off...does that mean I sit around eating chocolate and lying on my couch with a scratching stick?  no.  It means I still have to get up, take out the dog, clean the cat boxes, make the bed, tidy up, make brunch, plan dinner, sweep up, clean the toilet, brush the cats, and make a plan for cleaning the house.  BUT since I am also trying to recover from work I have to do it at a specific pace.

Typically I will clean cat boxes (I do this everyday, but overhaul on mondays) sweep, then sweep the entire house, then take a 15 min break.  Then I vacuum two big rooms, then take another break, then do the kitchen, then a break, then the bedroom and office.  After (you guessed it another break) I will start in the bathroom and mop, wipe down surfaces,  and mop hallway and kitchen.  Empty ut the mop bucket, take a break.  Then go and finish up, wipe down the kitchen, start dinner, put away laundry, and after each 30 minutes of activity, I take a break.  When I am cleaning my clients home, I am making them help me, so I don't take as long to clean the entire house.  MY house has 4 cats, and a dog all following me around wanting to know WHAT I am doing, and the dog wanting to be vacuumed, and thus getting in the way.

So, you clean and organize a house with what boils down to 5 kids following you around, add in weak arms, a bad back, and headaches that come and go.  It takes you longer!

So thanks for the "concern" but unless you are coming to my house to pick up a bucket and a mop, save your "help" for someone else.  I got this.

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