Monday, August 30, 2010

Polish Haul and Flakies Mani!

My splendiferous Fiance decided that I could go on a shopping trip.

So he got me a pair of new ankle boots for Fall

Nail Polish:

My ebay win-

SH Hidden Treasure

My H&M Polishes-

HM I'm a Saint & Blue Sky

My Claires Moods Polish-

Claire Mood Polishes

And my Mani using the H&M Blue Sky Polish with the SH Hidden Treasure Polish-

HM Blue Sky with SH Hidden Treasure

HM Blue Sky with SH Hidden Treasure

Look at those foil like shimmers!!! I can't stop looking.

I have swatched everything all my fave colors.

Swatches laters.



Viki said...

I went out and bought two Claire's Mood nail polishes after seeing you mention them. They're pretty nifty. You have to put like four coats, though. The first coat didn't even look like I had anything on my nails.

KJ Callaway said...

what?! I had to apply TWO. One coat CND Sticky, two coats Claires, wait 2 minutes, INM Out the Door top coat Ta-DAH!

What polish did YOU buy? LOL

seriously though what did you buy?


Viki said...

LOL. I bought a blue one and a pink one. I think the pink one had the word "silly" in the name, and the blue one was the BLUE one, not the turquoise-looking one. Too lazy to get up and check. :p

I was being awful lazy with application, though. I didn't even use a base coat. Which is probably why it chipped the next morning.

In its favor, though, the stuff does dry pretty freaking fast.