Sunday, August 22, 2010

Simple Flashy French

Went to a birthday party and after I made these Double Dark Chocolate "Brooklyn Blackout Cupcakes" and Classic Yellow Cake with Ganache Frosting mah nails was RUINED!

SO I needed a fast manicure that was pretty.

Enter simple french.

But how to pretty it up for a party?

Well after my friend har-har ING at me for not understanding what a Stripe-er was (I kept saying "What would a stripper have to do with nails?"

I went to the local beauty barn where Stripe-ers were on sale 2 for 1!

Needless I bought a silver and a glittery black.

So this Manicure was born:

Flashy French

Flashy French Thumb

Obligatory Brooklyn Blackout Cupcake (with chocolate pudding injection) food porn pic:

Brooklyn Blackout CC

Happy Birthday Classic Yellow Cake with Chocolate Ganache:

Classic Yellow cake w/Ganache

Sad dog who didn't get to taste ANYTHING!



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