Monday, August 23, 2010

Vroom-Vroom! Frankenpolish

So I have made a new frankenpolish. Named after the manicure I used for its debut.

I went to a friends birthday recently and all the ladies had awesome manicures and pedicures (as did I but I does mah own nailz)

One Miss Tiffany had an awesome gray polish on her toes and when I asked her what it was got a "I dunno, got it at my weekly pedi"


So went home and having had the bottle of white polish from LA Colors (Energy Source) a drab white out color) I took it, doctored it with ink black from Sally Xtreme wear until I got a gunmetal gray.

Then thinking I needed a little something and having a longtime LOVE affair for 70's muscle cars I put a shiny black racing stripe down the side.

Vroom-Vroom Gray Franken Polish is born!

Vroom-Vroom Frankenpolish

Vroom-Vroom Frankenpolish w black striper

I think this manicure is hawt.



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