Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Products that my eczema loves

So having had eczema since I was a baby I have always looked for the perfect face cleanser, lotion, and means to keep clean and have a bubble bath without breaking out in a rash.

I wish that Galderma, Proctor and Gamble, and Johnson and Johnson would stop animal testing all together.

However it seems that there are laws that "require" any topical treatment that is considered medicinal to be tested on animals first.

Since those three companies, especially Galderma being the leader in products for people like me with severe skin conditions, products are almost all medicinal, it would be illegal for them to discontinue animal testing.

What bullcrap.

I finally find Cleanser, Face potion, and a bubbly bath that I can use and all of them are tested on animals.

Cetaphil Daily Face wash

This face wash is a person with eczema and combo skins dream. It foams slightly, has little or no scent, doesn't sting, takes off stubborn makeup, and won't leave your skin feeling like you just walked in from a sand storm. The pump bottle top makes it easy to use in the shower or at the sink and it was gentle enough that I could use it twice a day if I got really greasy sweating at night without stripping my skin.

Olay 7 Sensitive Skin

I am 33 now. I don't have wrinkles yet but I am getting discoloration, uneven skin, and noticing my skin isn't as supple as it was. So I had been experimenting with moisturizers. Holy Jeebus there are a lot of them out there but finding one without dyes or fragrance that also brightened the skin and didn't cost 80 dollers? Forget about it.

Until I was talking to another friend of mine with severe facial dermatitis. She said the local drugstore was having a buy one get one 50% off and to go get Oil of Olay Regenerist 7.

Skeptical but impressed with how great her skin looked I went, bought a bottle (27.99 normally)

I have used it for three months and notice my skin is softer, no more rash, even skin tone, my old scars are faded, my pores are smaller. I really like this stuff and my Nana used to give me samples of her Lancome, Estee Lauder, and Clinique to use as a kid and that stuff NEVER worked on me!

Johnson and Johnson bubble bath and body wash

This is one of my favorite things. My softly bubbling non girly part irritating bubble bath. It washes all my body without drying it out, and unlike the Dove "fragrance free" body wash it really doesn't have much of a fragrance. No dyes, and it doesn't feel like I am washing in lotion, I come out of the shower or bath feeling clean and soft.

Another great thing is that it works well with essential oils. I can easily add a few drops of Lavender and have a relaxing soak, or shower before I drift off to sleep. Or put some Sage on a poof and wake up before I go to a party. This is a real workhorse that is gentle enough for baby, but strong enough for this dirty girl.

My trifecta of happy itch free skin after almost 33 years of looking and trying everything else.

As you may notice I linked to the companies disclosures on Animal Testing and most seem to be trying to do away with animal testing, I don't understand the animal testing for pet food. I have protested that, wrote letters about it and will continue to do so.

Also animals anatomy is so much different than ours I really don't understand what exactly they are testing. Just because a dog is sensitive to vicks vapo rub, doesn't mean it is going to make me sick. Dogs also naturally have Salmonella in their digestive tracts and can eat raw meat and it makes them HEALTHIER.

I eat raw meat, I get sick and die from an intestinal parasite.

Bottom line will I use these products? Cetaphil and Oil of Olay? Yes. I have not found ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING that works nearly as well to help my poor face.

Body wash I am going to try some of the cruelty free baby wash lines. I hear California Baby was really good.

And as always, if I find a replacement and its good, you will be the first to know.


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