Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Teal and Silver Manicure

So I have been REALLY trying to get my cuticles to not look jacked.

I have been using cuticle oil EVERY night. I use hand cream EVERY night. I wear gloves when I do dishes.

So why do my nails look jacked?!


On the other hand I love this manicure. It reminds me of my favorite casserole dish with the silver inlay.


Its Nina Pro Nails "In a Tiff" and Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens in silver.

Teal and SIlver

Can I just say that I do NOT like the Sally Hansen nail art pens?

They drag, smudge and lift color. I think I am going to just go get a thin brush and use that instead. Seriously DO NOT LIKE.

See my jacked nails? Any advice on those?

Teal and SIlver

More Nails soon!


1 comment:

Viki said...

I don't see jacked nails, just a little flapper of skin on your middle finger's cuticle. Just snip that sucker off with cuticle nippers and put a spot of tea tree oil to keep it from getting infected. Or Neosporin.