Tuesday, August 10, 2010

LA Color Craze Swatches

So I broke down and swatched!

I was having some serious questions about Magnetic Energy so I broke down and swatched it.

Let me just say the bright pink bottle did NOT match the neon orange with gold frost that it turned into. I still can't decide if I like this or not. I think it may be great for someone with darker skin or who LOVES bright color.

Magnetic Energy (LA Colors Color Craze)

Next is a swatch of all the colors that I got for myself (Excluding High Voltage which I am not going to keep)

Left to Right

Magnetic Energy, Static Electricity, Transformer, High Voltage

(L-R) Magnetic Energy, Static Electicity, Transformer, High Voltage

And my thumb a PRETTY purple that I love: Nuclear Energy


I honestly love Nuclear Energy, Transformer, Static Electricity, and Atomic

I think Rain is going to love her colors she picked out!

I still have two bottles of Magnetic Energy, one bottle of Shock, one of Static Electricity, and one of High Voltage (the one that looks like White out, but shiny)

I did not swatch Shock, its unopened. If you are interested but want me to swatch it I will.


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