Friday, August 06, 2010

Things I am entering. A giveaway

China Glaze Vintage Vixen set in Cat´s Meow
One lucky winner gets this set of six polishes. It includes:
Goin' My Way?
Emerald Fitzgerald
Riverter Rouge
Classic Camel
Midnight Mission
First Class Ticket

So the lovely lady at All You Desire ( was reccomended to me by a fellow polish affianado who knows how much I love looking at comparisons between nail polish colors.

Whay do you mean? you are saying? Let me explain. I hate nothing more that to go out, buy a 10 dollar bottle of ail polish, come home and find out it is a chipping, flakey mess, or worse that I love it and have just bought the last bottle.''It is enough to make you hair turn white, and grind your teeth flat.

So in comes with a great eye for immediately picking out similarities between polishes and showing the to us so that we can decide for ourselves whether the more expensive one is earth the price r replace a discontinued much beloved color.

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meeyeehere said...

I have been wanting to try this China Glaze! I hear it is the bees knees but I must admit I only buy cheap polishes cause money is too tight right now.