Saturday, August 14, 2010

Birthday Haul

My honey was VERY generous.

I got a 15% off coupon, plus a 5 dollar off coupon, plus a birthday discount from my friend who is a nail tech and said he would meet me at Sally Beauty and buy my stuff for me with his Cosmeticians license.

I was completely geeked out.

SO I gots THESE:

(L-R) Lubu Heels, Black DIamon, Fiary Dust, and Rainbow

And then I decided I needed THESE:


And a bottle of Seche Vite to try and a ginormous bottle of Nail Polish remover.

I am kinda impressed with Seche Vite. It goes on thick but really smooths out any mistakes and really makes your manicure look nice. BUT, it is SO THICK. It is going to be gel before I am halfway done with it and that drives me NUTS.

My friend said the way you keep it fresh is by cleaning the top of the container so that it closes and forms a good seal. If it gets crusty and can't close the water will evaporate.

I am still a fan of INM Out the Door but I am going to do a side by side comparison to see which top coat works better.

SO without further ado. Here are Birthday Mani/Pedi Pics!

Birthday Mani- Sally Xtreme Wear Black out with China Glaze Lubu Heels, 2 Coats Seche Vite TC:

Black Base, Lubu Heels, Seche Vite TC

Black base, with Lubu Heels, and Seche Vite Top Coat.

Birthday Pedi- Frankenpolish "Raising Kayne" with China Glaze Fairy Dust, 2 coats Seche Vite TC:

Frankenpolish "Rasing Kayne"

It went PERFECT with my Turquoise and peach beaded sandals that I was wearing with my jeans, black suit jacket and slinky t-shirt.

All my buddies who were with me were like "Wow! we all look like slobs!" Bax was like "Well I'm wearing shoes, so theres that." I was very proud he wore shoes and shorts for me.

No underwear though. Which he announced to everyone. Which is probably why we wee surrounded by hoe parade on and off through the night. Much to Bax, Lil Joe, Beretta
and I's amusement Bai tried to hit on every single scary looking, inappropriately dressed, drunken barfly that flitted over to our corner of the patio.

Granted, you have my very handsome guy friends all talking bikes, travel, music, and bloody movies and somehow girls always seem to flock like moths to a naked bulb.

It was highly amusing to watch Bai speaking Russian and trying to pick up several Ukrainian women who were so thin I could actually see their ribs and hip bones.

Bax kept shuddering whenever she leaned over whispering to the rest of us "I can see her spine! someone give her some chicken stat!"

Lil Joe and I decided that every girl duo in the bar had a hot girl and a fat friend, or a hot girl and a grenade ( a friend who is not as attractive as you ad therefore makes you feel better about yourself or makes you look better in comparison)

He and I decided that I am the fat chick AND the hot girl, he is the thin chick AND the grenade.

We told Bax our thoughts and he reached over and cupped Joe's chest and said "You definitely ain't the hot chick, your titties ain't big enough"

I snorted gin out my nose.

I love my guy friends. Real drinks, interesting conversation, real jokes, I can look at pretty girls with them and laugh until gin comes out nose and not worry about whether I look pretty.

Happy Birthday indeed.


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