Thursday, May 01, 2008

I'm a bad knitter

I have a Clapotis that I has been hibernating so long I can't even remember what row I am on.

I also have a pregnant friend who is days within delivering her baby and I need to make her a pair or booties! Do you think I have made her any pairs?


Not ONE pair.

I don't know WHY I suddenly fell off the knitting wagon. I got really really sick for a while, then I just stopped and then I just never started again. maybe if I just picked up my Clapotis and made myself start again? Maybe with a movie I have seen a thousand times or doing it outside? There just seems so much other stuff I have to do!

I need to rake my backyard, I need to weed my back garden, I need to mow, I need to plant, I need to clean litter pans, clean the turtle tank, work on a Humane Education Manual, and shower and get to bed before 10:30 or else I am worthless.

It seems like it should take that long but with meetings almost every night, making dinner, and having to help my sister with the boys it is ofter midnight before I am in bed.

its only 2:00 now and I am exhausted and have to walk home and will probably fall asleep right after I get home.

Summer does this. It makes me Lethargic and completely wasted.

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