Saturday, May 31, 2008

Frustration: Incurable epidemic?

Frustration: An Incurable Epidemic?

I have had many painful things physically and emotionally happen to me as have many other anima.

I have tried over my thus short lifetime to overcome challenges caused by pain and inconvenience and tried to be positive and pragmatic.

Calm always even when in extreme pain or crisis.

I thought that perhaps my methods were the best way of maintaining sanity.

I've broken ankles, noses, fingers, cheekbones, vertebrae, kneecaps, femurs, ribs and collarbones. I've even had 4 teeth extracted (molars) without pain medication because I proved to be intolerant to opiates.

In other words they didn't work like they should or didn't work at all.

My doctor remembers a time he gave me laughing gas and I looked him straight in the yes and said "I don't think this is working" he was shocked that I could still speak and used an IV to knock me out instead.

The introduction of Tramadol was a life saver for me because it finally allowed me to funtion through pain and just a little bit worked enough for me to manage the pain on my own.

But the one thing that continues to haunt me and make me want to go on a killing spree, destroy things or light fire to buildings is other people people hypochondriacs and whining about things when if they just put a little effort into mind body control, even just control, they would make me less frustrated with their incessant whining.

Currently a toothache had a grown man writhing around on my couch saying he wants to die because he ate ice cream and it made him tooth hurt.

I've broken ankles and competed through pain with only my breath and he is whining about a tooth ache.

It makes me so incredibly frustrated that I want to drive out into the night to a hotel, go swimming, take some benadryl and sleep until I wake up not hearing him mewing and crying next to me.

Even babies only cry when they need something not to comfort themselves. They breath, play, suck things and rock themselves but don't mew like kittens without wet nurses.

I think my frustration makes me cold and heartless but I cannot grasp the idea that someone could get themselves so worked up over a toothache when the best and quickest maintenance is calm, deep breathing and visualization. I've said it before and I will say it again if pregnant woman can give birth a man can survive a toothache without punching drawers and refrigerators.

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