Friday, May 16, 2008

Set it and forget it?

The job search is still going. And going and going. But it seems that I am almost on a path of set it and forget it. I send out resume after resume and feeler after feeler and nothing appears to be coming back.

It is starting to feel a bit on the hopeless side of things.

I am starting to try to ride my bike to work twice a week and it makes me so tired that I literally have to stop twice on the way home and end up falling asleep right when I get home, waking up to eat, then going right back to sleep.

This tumor is taking its tole on me. It may not be the fastest means of transportation but walking may be my main means of conveyance by means of practicality and safety.

I would be into looking for a moped though.

I think I may actually ask my mother for one for me for an alternative to getting a car or re-learning to use a skateboard. (the doctor vetoed the skateboard) It would be a definite plus if it ran on diesel.

We shall see!


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