Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Billdini the Great

Hey everybuddy!

How is everyone?

I finished my double shift and passed out. I actually have a funny story to share with you guys about my huge cat.

his name is Bill. My fiance Crash taught his to manipulate the doorknobs in out house to let himself in to each room.

But he now knows how to let himself out the front door and back door down to the basement and on to the front porch.

Which wasn't so bad until I kept waking up to the front door open, my sister apartment open and all seven cats in her apartment sparring.

OR in the basement.


Then I woke up to all of them in my front stair well.

THEN I woke up to them on my front porch. Billy on my roof, preparing to jumpy from my roof to my NEIGHBORS roof in order to try to kill a pigeon.

Crash had to leap onto to roof and grab Billy (all 20 pounds of him) mid jump and wrestle him into the house.

That evening we went to Big K and bought Door Knob Covers To Cat Proof the house so he can no longer open the doors.

He was upset but we also bought him a cat fountain and a kitty hammock so I think we have appeased the beast.
Oh jes, I are so Sexy!!!

Billdini the amazing escape artist has been forced into retirement by his mama.


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