Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Enrage Retardent

Can you sympathize when there are times when so much stuff is happening that is beyond rage inducing, beyond justified homicide, beyond rationalized beating?

Times when the body just goes numb, and calm and maybe just a little bit detached and says "Huh, *shakes head in disbelief* it really CAN get worse!"

Then you suddenly feel a lot better, and a lot more selfish and less deserving to have a roof over your head, legs to walk on, and food to eat.

So I have been trying to work my butt off at work to prove that I deserve this job (or in fact ANY job) building up my resume, puffing up my portfolio, working on my writing skills.

Thus far I may have actually scored an interview/gig with an online magazine with a dog training thingy. Which would be killer.

My Uncle who is an psychologist actually gave me an assignment to think about the things that I do well that come naturally that people always compliment me on.

So I have been sitting here thinking about it. Honestly it is always difficult to do after I take my Topamax because it is hard to think of words with that stupid drugs.

So I am going to cheat and ask my friends what I am good at and do it the fast and loose way.

I am such a cheap bass turd.


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