Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stimulate me already.

"Based on the information you provided, your expected stimulus payment is $343."


I should not complain I mean I DO owe the government money and everything.

I think I owe them like twenty five dollars. Or 300. Or something.

I don't remember.

Seems that if they can take that much money away from a person making 9,000 a year and STILL ask them to pay money to the government they can SERIOUSLY kiss my ass and wait until I take care of my own family concerns first.

I want to pay down my bills so that they stop bugging me for a while.

I have enough to worry about. There is something to say about more money more problems. I seriously think I would like to have less stuff and less money. Then I would have less things to worry about taking care of and losing.

Except my cats, they take priority because they require little and GIVE GIVE GIVE.

Natures little scrumptious muffins.

so cute I could eat their fuzzy faces off.


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