Thursday, May 15, 2008

The core four

I read on my favorite blog Four Four that there are usually four key blogs that one reads every day if one has time.

For me core four means four agencies or causes that you try to stick to as those that you really try to keep to the top of your list.

Recently I was being interviewed by a small zine for an animal right issue asking how people could be more proactive about going beyond spaying and neutering pets to help reduce cruelty to animals.

I covered the whole vegetarian schpeal, the domestic violence and violence to animals connection, the exotic pet trade, puppy mills and everything I could thing of from Jack Hannah to Zoo's.

Then he asked me to name four key places I spend a majority of my time supporting and I named them and he joked "You must not have any pets of your own!"

Actually I do, a turtle, 4 cats, a fish tank, and a fiance. It made me think. How is it that my family is not the top of my core four? With all the crap in the world they should be the top of the core four and they aren't.

At least one thing happened that surprised me and made me happy. My nephew was listening to the interview and said "We can fix that Aunt KJ I will help you and then It will be Family AND helping animals so you can do both at once and I can pet kitties."

No one said the core four was without a root system?


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