Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ill Communication

Ill Communication
It is strange how words we read can affect everything about us, and more importantly effect the words we write.

I was just reading a friends blog about being a slut. Yes she is a self proclaimed slut, and I call her friend. Another account I read frequently is Confessions of a College call girl.

Both are raw, uninhibited snapshots of how the most important thing we have in our life is those people who make us feel strong, happy and worthy.

Whether that be through sex, food, compassion, fashion, words or patience. One thing reverberates through everything. The world around us is only as interesting as the stories we hear and tell.

I think this is the only reason I am so passionate about being vegan, Buddhist, and an activist my friends and colleagues whose advice and comfort I so often seek is meaningful to me.

Truthfully I see a bit in them that I want to emulate if only for my own selfish devices.

More importantly they make me feel like I am here in this world with a point, and a goal that they can understand.

I guess my point in all of this blather is to look closely at those people you keep nearest to you and make sure they are right. Like a very wise women told me Friends are like diamonds you need fabulous Clarity, cut and finally Character.

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