Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jayne recovers

So after Jayne got a massive infection she has to eat gruel which was baby food mixed with rice milk and so she had to wear a bib to keep it from getting all over her chest...

Thas right, I is a PIRATE!

I didn't realize we had her wearing the pirate bandanna until I went to wash it.

I had to giver her pain killers and this was her getting a 10 minute reconnection with her apparently fascinatingly enormous paws.

I no see HUGE paws...

Now she is fully recovered from all this nonsense and is reclaimed her mama (me) and her duties (alarm clock) and jobs (screamapiller and town crier)

Seriously, you are gunna die.

And likes to keep us on our toes by only being silent when the food bowls are actually empty causing us to search for her frantically and find this:

This my chair, find yer own.

We need to trust the other cats. THey know a young punk when they see one.

We have been skooled.


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