Monday, March 31, 2008

Supermanning the Rottweiler

So I am driving to a lecture when I see a lady I know with her notoriously not friendly to other dogs dog Annie and a lose Rottweiler.

I stop by the road and she sees me and does the frantic arms waiving help me, up, I'm swimming in a heap of trouble motions with her arms.

I sigh, get out of the car and call the dog who comes bouding over to me, then the owner come up and says "BAD DOG! GET OVER HERE" To which the dog immediately ran AWAY from her and into on comming traffic.

I saw a huge truck comming and the woman continuing to walk toward the dog yelling oblivious to the oncoming truck so I pushed her our of the way, ran and pushed the dog out of the way and onto the grass and grabbed its leash.

The owner came over and was crying and thanking me and kissing the dog and alternatley yelling at it. I exploded and and said "You do NOT deserve a dog!" She sat speechless. "You NEVER, EVER, yell at a dog when it is in imminent danger and then exspect it to come and behave itself!" I noticed then my knee was bloddy and turning purple.

Abbey and her owner came over and asked if I wanted to call Dog Control. The woman looked at me horror struck. "No" I said. "Here is what you are going to do." I got up and handed her the leash. "You and your dog are going to come to obedience class at my house once a week for 6 weeks. You are going to practice obedience 10 minutes a day everyday. AND you are going to get a new leash and a gentle leader."

The lady sputtered. "I can't pay for obedience lesseons!"

"I DIDN'T MENTION PAYING!" I said loudly whipping out an business card. meanwhile Abbey is sniffing the blood coming through my pant leg and the other dog is licking my hand and wagging her tail.

We have an audience of some locals, one a friend of mine keeps threatening to clap and I keep warning him with looks that I have one tackle left in me with his name on me.

As I walk toward my car to go excuse myself from the lecture and go put a ice pack on my knee I hear Abbeys mom saying to the crowd "She is like our own personal Dog Whisperer!"

Christ.....Just what I need. Another nickname.


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