Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A freak for the random...

I just got my daily dose of random and realized that no matter what I am INDEED a freak.

1. I am now addicted to Rachel Kessler from Seattle's The Stranger who makes meat even sound appetizing to a vegan. I now hang my vegan head in shame.

2. I just watched an HOUR of Celebrity Scissorhands and re-acquainted my love affair with Warwick Davis, AND heard this little guy "Lil'Chris"

I am embarrassed to say I watched it twice and was tapping my foot. TAPPING!

It was as bad as when I was tapping along with Calisha and Fabrishia of Drunky Brewster

I am actually still am pretty keen on going to see them live some time when I drag my sorry crippled ass down to NYC my personal fave:

So I am old, and I like loser things. But hey, I'm a freakin cripple! Deal!

I am off to seat my freshly showered butt down to finish up a hat that has taken TOO FREAKIN LONG. I vow it will be DONE tomorrow and posted. POSTED.

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