Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Oh what a tangle web they weave!

So today at the staff one on one my boss starts giving me glowing praise about how I am doing such a great job and doing good work and how everything looks so good.

Yeah I was confused too.

So I wandered back to my desk and started to make some revisions to some reports and start my monthly report and they called a staff meeting.

I trundled my chair over and they announced that they had three announcements.

1. Jess our boss was leaving. YAY! wait, um, OH! what?! (feign shock that it took so long for coworkers to break her) she is moving to San Fransisco. I told her while she was out there she really had to look up my friend and her partners' restaurant and have dinner there. Jen the homophobic coworker told screeched "TOO MUCH INFORMATION!"

I refrained from slapping the taste out of her mouth.

Bomb Shell number 2. We are only going to have 1 boss now and no more VISTAS. And Another Vista Quit because of the Strain. (again. Feign shock)

The final bomb that actually works in my favor is that we all have to move up to Westcott Community Center! I get my old desk back! I am at my old stomping grounds! I have my team! my CREW! My HOMIES!

I am thrilled. Maquisha (my new boss) also had a heart to heart with me about how I have been treated by my coworkers and caught them rolling out of the office without telling me where they were going or when they would be back and so today she let me work from home the last two hours because Jenifer came to work with a fever and hacking her lungs up and WOULDN'T GO HOME.

What the hell?!

You'll roll out of here early if you have a headache but you have the flu and could be contagious and you'll gladly spread it around? You are not the brightest crayola in the bin.

Its a new Era people a new Era, lets see if I can catch a wave and sit on a new era for me too, not rich , not poor.


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