Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So, I bake

I went hella crazy industrious and cleaned my house. I cleaned my craft room, my living room, my kitchen, make dinner for my friend and baked a freakin cobbler!

Check this shite!


Look at that Gooey Yum!


Aren't you hungry now? I had it for breakfast it was so good.

I'd post the recipe but I forgot it at home true topmax brain style.

I also had to eat some "real food" according to Crash. So I whipped up some of these noodles based solely on the fact that they were pink.

Not so good to eat...

I think maybe I should have gotten the purple flavored ones... I don't know if they HAD purple flavored ones but I may have preferred them.

Tonight for dinner I am going to have somosas and flat bread probably. Jeci wants to go to fight practice but I am tired and sore so unless she pays someone, "NOT HAPPENING!"

I think as soon as 3:30 rolls around I am planning to bail out of here like a bad habit. I am such a bad employee I am really tempting karma I think. Well. Except for the whole fact that they pay us 2 bucks an hour and our insurance is crap and we don't get a lunch break. So. NEVERMIND!


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