Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Plugz!, Origami, and Pics Oh My!

Bill from FROZENFIRE.ETSY.COM (Paste it is yer browser STITCHES!!!) and I did a swap and I got my EIGHT pairs of plugz today!

My eyes nearly fell out of my head.

Here are pictures of my new lovelies:


and MORE:

This guy is AMAZING!!!

And see how they make you look all bad azz?

KJ Rockin Orange front plugs


So go out and buy yourself a present, really, don't you deserve something pretty and shiney?
I think you do.

I also made some origami because I am freezinf at work and yes I am trying to make 100 of these little bass-turds. Its freezing in this basement and I am bored to tears with the manual and am apprently the only one who showed for work today... so...

Origami Box with stars

Yeah... This art manual is driving me to origami madness.

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