Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stress and Soccer Moms.

So my day began with not being able to sleep. SO I slept in and forgot "A" was picking up the kitten to get spayed.

I got confused and told Geo she was going to petsmart.

Geo flipped out and yelled at me.

So I called the Coalition leader and asked if the kitten could come back and if she could take another kitten to the petsmart. I got lectured about how this is not technically MY kitten and that she needs to be seen by more potential adopters and how the coalition could take her out of the house and take her to Canada if they felt so inclined, so I had better remember who was boss.


So I went to Wegmans to try to get some groceries. I found a great mug and was pretty happy but leary because everyone was driving like idiots in the parking lot. SO I was slowly pulling out of my parking spot, had stepped on the brake to check the other side of me again when I was ran into by a soccer mom on her cell phone in her minivan.

Literally while I was stopped.

So I made sure she was OK and that her children were ok when I noticed she had been holding her phone when she got out of the car. I refuse to discuss the accident with her and immediately called 911.

Then her husband came out of the store and said "What happened?" And the lady said "That teenage girl ran into us."

This did nothing to calm me.

I didn't say anything,refusing to be goaded, and simply pretended I didn't hear her. Then the guy started stopping pedestrians and saying, "Be careful, yeah we just got backed into, yeah young kid wasn't paying attention!"

So as my rage came bubbling to the surface I began to cry because I couldn't kill anyone or break anything.

It was killing me that I had been at a full stop, putting my car into drive, when this lady whipped around the corner with her cell phone, drove THROUGH a handicap spot (in order to cut the corner) and literally drove into my car because she wasn't quick enough (or watching) that I was already backed up into the road.

The police officer I ended up knowing. He heard what happened and looked at the damage on my car and asked if there had been any witnesses. There had been ONE and they left.

So he reconstructed the scene and said he could see what I was talking about and the lady had said she had been somewhat distracted by her children in the back.

But my insurance company says they are trying to say it is all my fault.

But even looking at her van you can see how she literally smashed into me and dragged her car alongside the corner of my bumper. You could see where she drove into me and kept going, where as I only had ONE point of "impact" because I was stationary.

She knocked out my back up lights and my neck hurts a little but I am OK.

SO then I arrived home after making a run to the bookstore to try to calm me down (I was and am still shaken) and came home only to find out our furnace is on the fritz.

I have been down there 13 plus times trying to fix it, I think I may have finally fixed it but honestly I am not sure. We are going to need to call a repair man.

And now, as I suspected, I am nauseous, sleepless, and sore.

So that's three bad things in one day. GREAT day huh!?


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