Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Seriously, you a-holes better have voted

I am so sick of people complaining about having no control over the government and then when I say "Did you vote?" they say "No it didn't matter"

Hell yes it matters! Even in principle if we are all voting for the same guy and we all talk to each other and everyone says "Hey I voted for him too" but he doesn't win we know that there is a wolf in the hen house and can raise flags.

Apathy is no excuse for not exercising a right that many people fought for us to be able to exercise.

Besides, apparently you can get 20% off your favorite naughty toy at babeland if you were good and voted!

Sex toys for your vote. God Bless America.


Or Coffee at Starbucks, or a doughnut at Krispy Kreme. But I personally love the idea of a free naughty for voting.


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