Sunday, November 16, 2008

Its 2:00AM where are YOUR kids?

Well, my mother's kids are clutching their abdomens, sucking down anti-nausea medication, and sipping hot beverages while trying to get a fever down.


Where the hell did I get a rogue fever? I haven't had one of these in months and I have been good about staying warm, washing hands, taking vitamins and staying away from other people's broods of sick kids.

But somehow I end up with toilet hugging (while I am not seated that is) fun.

Crash and I cleaned the entire apartment today and the nephewmonsters helped! They had a dust war to see who could get more check dusting with the swiffer, then they had a garbage war where they tried to fill more bags full of garbage. We have 5 trash bags full of dirt, poo, dust, old food (from pantry and fridge) broken toys, random hair and fur balls, Our house is so clean I would actually have people over!

Crash even said "Honey I understand because of you being sick that just because you stay home all day doesn't mean on top of cleaning cat boxes, putting away clean laundry, cleaning the shower, walking the dog, and cooking all my meals and everyone else in the house, that you couldn't possibly clean it too, and I should help on my days off.

*Thud* me hit floor.

Everything I had asked him to help me with from flipping the dogs linens, lining the futon with our new liner that I made, vacuuming, taking out trash, and organizing and setting up the bedroom with a play station, TV, and VCR (for when I am forced to stay in bed because of being sick)we even got a front window winterproofed and cleaned out our corner of the basement for my scooter, the lawn mower, our grill and Geo's menagerie of camping equipment.

Now I am hit with the sickness, which I am totally not down with I might add.

I have a few more windows to winter proof and want to super winter proof the bedroom.because before it was one of the coldest rooms in the house. I am going to buy quilt batting and put it on cardboard and put it in the windows, then I am going to shrink wrap outside that and then put up heavier curtains.

I was so cold in the bedroom just now I had to get up, have some warm tea and sit in front of a space heater.

That is Frog Crap!

So in 10 days I am going to minnesota to have thanksgiving with my family. My nana already says "Oh good that means you can cook it!"

See, being the chef/cook in the family is hell especially because I am vegan.

So now I am looking up recipes online for Turkey and also researching how to get one already cooked.

I have to feed a family of 10 and they think its going to be from scratch after I scrape myself off a plane, they are on drugs!

I am thinking, Frozen potatoes that I just have to mash, precooked frozen yams, premade pecan and pumpkin pie, grands biscuits (hello an exploding container, its a win win!),and salad mix,Frozen corn,cranberry sauce from a can and then I just have to worry about the turkey and that's what my MP3 player is for. Oh and the piece de resistance: Store bought stuffing not in a turkeys behind.

For me? tofurkey premade turkey slices in "oven roasted" and all the sides.

I actually saw a great recipe for a turkey you rub with butter and maple syrup then stuff with oranges that you pierced with a fork, then just throw it in an oven bag and it self marinates!

Hey, you cook for 10 people and tell me to make everything from scratch!


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