Saturday, December 06, 2008

It still seems strange

I went home for Thanksgiving. I was fortunate to see all but one of my cousins and both my Aunt's and my Uncle.

I stayed with my Nana and mother and was treated to haute cuisine at Forpaughs Restaurant in Minneapolis, MN.

I got to bond with my neices whom I don't see enough, chat knitting and yarn shop with my sister Tia. Talk about Piers Anthony and music with my brother in law Mike.

But it still felt so strange not to see my Uncle Mike. There was no Late night sitting up with my Uncles and I talking about Pilates, or nature, or family.

I was looking through some old articles and saw this: Article

It made me remember how much I hate living in the city with loud neighbors, very few tree's and cars and dirty snow everywhere.

I remember special christmas's where we would travel up to Ely and see Aurora Bourealis, and hear Wolves howling. I remember how bright the stars were and how friendly everyone in town was.

I remember Hiking around Ministry lake and avoiding, along with my cousin Celin, getting our hair pulled out by a protective peregrine falcon.

I remember walking the Bass Lake Trail with my two cousins and running across a section COVERED with fire ants. Then when Mike and Becca were home telling them about it and laughing at my inadequate shoe wear.

I remember falling asleep on the couch with Joe and Matrix and having my Uncle Mike come over and poke us in the stomach when dinner was ready.

It made me belatedly thankful. Not only do I have a better family than most, but I have a brain full of great memories and a drive to protect and experience as much nature as possible.

To those who never got to know our family for all the great things it is, its there loss. We are ambassadors of the family name and personally I think we wear the mantle well.

I'd like to think that my Uncle, where ever he is, is proud too.

Love your family for what is has, not what it lacks. Too soon are people taken away and we realize it was better than we gave it credit for.


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