Saturday, October 25, 2008

Voluntary Amputation...Cringeworthy reading

So I was reading an article for a friend of mine on Dermal Anchors. I suddenly got a link at the bottom discussing "Voluntary Amputations"

I read through most of the story of a man and woman lopping off the tips of their fingers with distracted interest. As someone with a spinal cord disease that causes chronic pain and weakness and someone who heals pretty well I could maybe understand being fascinated with pain and stubiness.

I thought "Good for them for being able to commit and I wish they could have just gotten it done professionally"

Then the involuntary disabled part of me rallied. I have a disability and physical impairment that I would never wish on anyone. I am fighting tooth and nail to get help with bills and living in a freezing apartment because I can't hold down a job and people are purposefully and gleefully lopping off appendages and rendering themselves "amuptees" and getting amputee benefits ON PURPOSE.

I gotta say when I thought transversly on this subject of large scale amputation and the risks of infection, death, lengthy hospital stays all covered by disability and or public welfare because they were deemed an "Accident" Meanwhile I go into the hospital for projectile vomiting and I get nurses telling me if I just toughened up and got a job, while fawning over the idiot next door who cut his foot off trying to de-bone a deer.

Gotta say, I am glad your not dead and you got health care, granted I saw an article about a couple biting off each other ring fingers and almost hurled. That is devotion or crazy.

But while people like me with tattoos and stretched ear lobes are being told we are lazy for a disability that is completely inflicted and merciless...while people dote on the voluntary or semi-voluntary has to look at the situation and think. Is this fair?

personally, I love my fingers where they are and I don't ever plan on lopping off appendages of putting my body in danger of being purposefully mutilated beyond recognition, but if thats what gets yo off, have some responsibility and save up your pennies if you plan to do things in which you may maul yourself.

Even if the nurses are a lot nicer to the bleeding idiot than the permanently disabled girl next door.


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Obsidian Kitten said...

ok, the involuntarily disabled part of me thinks that is just so insane that my head might explode.