Sunday, August 31, 2008

Unwed and unemployed

It has been a full 30 days of being unemployed now and I am seriously feeling like the worlds largest loser.

Had it not been for a loan from my sister, a loan from my parents, and selling two articles to a ghostwriter I would not have paid rent and utilities and afforded dog and cat food.

The Freemont strip story is still not written with 30 days unemployed because I have been playing medicaid/disability roulette.

The doctors took another image of my spine and said "Work while you can, which won't be long!"


In more interesting news one of the clinical doctors here wants to study me for a case. He has not seen people with SYringomyelia so young so he wants to do a study. Hopefully it will cover my meds.

I just want a part time job so that I can help with bills I feel like such a loser.

So far the only thing I have been doing is child wrangling and cooking meals.

I actually had to go to the food give away and pick up some stuff for our house.

THrough it all I am trying to stay positive but when one is in pain and eating crappy 24/7 and worried about bills it is hard to think about "Be positive"

I could always have to live in a cardboard box somewhere. That would be worse.


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