Thursday, August 14, 2008

What gets you through it?

31 years old.

I spent it cooking, cleaning and trying to ignore my aching left side covered in road rash.

the serious scrapes are getting better but I am in no shape to go to work this weekend so I was told by my part time job that I have been taken off the schedule for the rest of the month.

This helps money matters considerably! Pun intended.

So I told my future sister in law that I am going to go to school to become a counselor and she said "How can you do that, won't you internalize everything?!"

I thought about it and said "Nope."

She asked me how I couldn't and I said "Its all about what gets you through it."

I mean I am pretty crippled, and got into a scooter accident and got layed off and then fired for having a freaking scooter accident. Things are not good. But things could really be worse. Seriously they could!

We have enough cat food in the house, my sister won't let us starve because she freakin owes us, our rent is paid for this month. I will worry about the other bills as they come.

If I have to go off pain meds and go to the emergency room to get them then thats what I have to do.

Things have a way of working out, lifes crazy that way.


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